3 Tips To Choose The Best Shapewear For Plus Size

The struggle is real when it comes to choosing Shapewears for Plus Size women that are both comfortable and slimming. The dilemma that majority of them face is because they have to choose between comfort and style. Well, what if we say that you don’t have to sacrifice with either of them? Yes, the advent of Shapewears has made it feasible for women to look great in those figure flattering dresses without compromising on their comfort.

What started as a celebrity fad has quickly developed to something that every woman can rely on to make her look at her gorgeous best. What every woman expects from a Shapewear is something pretty basic, an all-over smoothing and contouring with exemplary posture support. With so many different options available, one is bound to get confused as to which Shapewear is more suitable for them. In this blog, we try to help you choose the best Shapewear for plus size women that not only will suit your silhouette, but also complement your body type and make you look opulent.

Know your measurements

We cannot stress how crucial this is. A primary blunder that majority of the women make is that they are unsure about their size and therefore they either- assume their measurements as per their other garments such as jeans or leggings or they buy a Shapewear one size smaller. Contrary to the common perception, buying a Shapewear of a smaller size would do more harm than it does well. The idea behind a Shapewear is to compress all your weak muscles to give you a toned shape and not to squeeze the bejesus out of you. If you’re not sure about your measurements, you can refer to our size chart to help you buy a well-fitted Shapewear. 


Body Shape

Each women is different and so are our bodies. So there’s no one perfect Shapewear for all sizes. The Shapewear that you choose should be as per your natural silhouette, highlighting your assets. A Shapewear is not used for hiding rather it’s used for accentuating your sweet spots, taking what you already have and giving it a boost. No matter if you’re pear, apple or rectangle shaped, there’s a different Shapewear for all your needs. If you’re someone who has hang ups in more than one spot and want an all-over sleek physique you can opt for a full body piece like a bodysuit.

Compression Levels

Another important aspect that you should consider is the outcome that you expect from the Shapewear. The compression level that you choose directly effects on your desired results. Also, the control level of your Shapewear directly determines your wear time. 

Light Compression- If you’re someone who just wants to smoothen out the paunches and the love handles, you can go for Shapewears with light compression such as Musque Waist Shaper. You can wear these body shapers all throughout the day without any discomfort.

Medium Compression- If you’re going for a Shapewear to accentuate your curves you can opt for shapers with medium compression such as ShapeX NC Body Shaper, which can be worn daily for 6 to 8 hours for optimum result. 

High Compression- Want to look extra special for special occasions? Shapewears with high compression such as Waist Shaper are your best bet. Although it makes you look breath-taking, it’s advisable to not wear them for long hours.

Shapewears aren’t something that you wear trying to conceal or transform your body into something that it isn’t, it’s more of boosting your confidence by celebrating the full potential of your body. With the right Shapewear in your arsenal you’d be more comfortable to experiment new looks and try out new styles. Curious about other Body Shapers? Check out our extensive range of Shapewears and choose the best one for you. Happy Shopping!!

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