What is a Compression Garment or a Body Shaper?

They are tight garments which help shape the body. Since compression garments are tight they can be initially uncomfortable to wear. To help with this the users should initially wear them for shorter durations of time and gradually increase it.


What are the benefits of Shapewear?

The major benefit of Shapewear is that it makes the person look slimmer by 2-3 inches. They help reducing the bulges and the love handles significantly.


Will Dermawear slow down the Blood Circulation?

Dermawear range of slimming garments does not slow down or affect the arterial (coming from heart) blood flow. On the other hand Dermawear slimming garments assists/ increases venous (going to heart) blood flow by its compression on micro channels lying under the skin. This action on the part of Dermawear slimming garments helps reduce excess fat, inter cellular extraneous material etc. and thus you lose inches at your waist, hips, thighs etc.


How to Choose the right Product?

There are different Shapewears available for different parts of the body. You should select the appropriate product or Shapewear depending on the part of the body you want to shape. There are a variety of Shapewears available for abdomen-hip-thigh, chest, tummy, and full body shapers.


How should you wear Shapewears?

All Dermawear products are designed for your comfort, which are to be worn leg wise only.


Can I wear Shapewear while eating\sleeping?

Shapewears are generally compression vests. So it is advisable that you don’t wear it to bed as there are chances it might make you feel uncomfortable resulting in a disturbed sleep. But, you can wear it while eating, it doesn’t have any repercussions.


Are Shapewears Washable?

Yes, all our Shapewears and Garments are washable. Although, you do have to take care to not rinse it or machine wash it, as it can affect the longevity of the product.


What is the Return Policy?

We do not offer returns or refunds on intimate wear for reasons of hygiene. Therefore confirm your exact size before buying the product. But in special cases the product can be exchanged, provided the product is unused and returned within 15 days of purchase.


How long should you wear shapewears?

It depends on your comfort. We generally advise that our garments should be worn for 6 to 8 hours. However, we don’t recommend you to straightaway start wearing it for long hours. Instead, initially wear it for shorter periods of time until you get used to it, so you can gradually increase it to get the optimal result.


Can you wear Shapewears post-delivery?

As a matter of fact, you can wear it after delivery. We advise you to wait for 30 days before wearing it for normal delivery and 45 days for C-section. It’s also advisable to opt for Dermawear Women's Unigrip Abdomen Shaper for Women who underwent surgery.


Is there any uneasiness after wearing our Shapewear products?

It is especially designed keeping your comfort in mind. None of our customers using this vest have ever complained about any uneasiness. It’s super comfortable for an all-day wear. (Even though it’s recommended to wear for 6-8 hours)


Does our products absorb sweat?

All our products of Active Wear Leggings, have sweat resistant and moisture wicking properties which help you be cool and breezy throughout the day. But our Shapewears, because of its composition (Cotton, Polyester and Spandex) does absorb sweat, but it won’t be a major issue if you’re someone who is working in an A.C. office all day.


Will our body shapers loose its elasticity?

As all garments, regular use of it coupled with the washing, might eventually reduce the elasticity of the Vest. However, if you follow the recommended wash care then the longevity and durability would be increase.


Will our body shapers help you reduce weight? If yes, then how much time will it take?

Despite all of its advantages, it cannot help you reduce weight. You can reduce your weight only through regular exercising and a proper diet. In the meanwhile, you can use our Shapewear products to help you through your fitness journey.


How many times should you wear a Shapewear in a week? How should you wash them and how many times a week?

It’s designed in such a way that you can wear it daily without feeling uncomfortable. Regarding the washing part, it’s advisable to wash it daily. You can refer to our wash care instructions to improve the longevity of your products.


Are our products suitable for an 8 hour sitting job?

It is designed for your comfort. It’s more than suitable to be worn for or more than 8 hours. Its material comprising of Cotton and Spandex helps you being comfortable while offering complete flexibility throughout your day.


For how long should you wear a Shapewear to quickly reduce tummy fat?

It is designed to help you look slim and fit. But it doesn’t help you reduce tummy fat. You have to exercise and have a controlled diet for the permanent and best results.


Can I wear body shaper while working out?

Yes, it is designed in such a way that it provides you comfort all throughout the day. It will assist you while working out or any outdoor activities.


Can I wear Shapewear all day and night?

We generally advise our customers to wear our vests for 6-8 hours. But it totally depends on your comfort, if you’re comfortable wearing it all day, you’re good to do so. Although at night, we do advise to let go of the vest for a more peaceful and undisturbed sleep.


Men’s Shapewear


Can Zenrik-G hide man boobs?

Yes, it’s primarily the main function of Dermawear Men's Zenrik-G Gynaecomastia Vest. You can see the instant reduction in the size as soon as you wear it. Moreover its construction is in such a way that the zipper helps you easily wear it.

Can Zenrik-G be used after Gynecomastia surgery as post-surgery garment?

Dermawear Men’s Zenrik-G vest is especially designed for the men suffering from Gynecomastia. In fact, post-surgery it is actually recommended by doctors because of its compression and wearing ease. It also has a sturdy Zipper to help you wear it without any problems.  

Does Zenrik-G also shape chest area?

Yes, our products Zenrik-G Gynecomastia Vest, Zenrik Everyday and Zenrik does shape your chest while you’re wearing it. Moreover, it’s designed in such a way that it can be easily worn underneath a t-shirt or a casual shirt without being conscious about the visibility of it.

Is Zenrik-G helpful for gynaecomastia?

Gynecomastia is the major reason we’ve developed Zenrik-G for our customers. It will shape your chest providing you with utmost comfort throughout the day.

Is Zenrik a summer vest or a winter vest?

It can be worn anytime, provided that you work in a cool environment with minimal requirement of going out into hot conditions.

How do you find the correct measurement for yourself?

For Zenrik-G, Zenrik and Zenrik Everyday you should measure your chest.

For Bracer Bust Shaper You should measure your Bust

For rest of the products you should measure your abdomen and then refer to our size chart for an accurate idea as to which size would suit you the best.

Is V-Shaper too tight near the groin area?

No, its design is as such it compresses your abdomen and tummy without any discomfort for an all-day use.

Can we wear a Tummy Tight Belt inside a t-shirt or shirt comfortably?

Yes, it is especially designed to take you through your day seamlessly. You can comfortably wear it within a t-shirt or a shirt.

Women’s Shapewear


Is Mini Body Shapewear comfortable to wear in summer?

It can be worn anytime, provided that you work in a cool environment with minimal requirement of going out into hot conditions.

Will the body shapers give a slimmer look?

Yes, our body shapers are especially designed to make you feel and look slim.

Can I wear Mini Shaper below a sari?  

Ideally, because of its design it’s not supposed to be worn with a sari. Instead Dermawear Women’s SS Low Waist is a much better option.

Is Mini Shaper seamless?

It is not seamless, but we do have a range of premium Shapewears with invisible seam. You can check them out here-

1.Dermawear Women’s Musque Waist Shaper 

2. Dermawear Women’s Citron Waist Shaper

3. Dermawear Women’s Cette Abdomen Shaper

4. Dermawear Women’s Ambre Body Shaper


How are we supposed to wear Mini shaper?

All Dermawear products are designed for your comfort, which are to be worn leg wise only.

Questions related to Dermawear Women's Bracer Bust Shaper.

Can Bracer be worn over underwired bras?

Yes, it can be worn under regular underwired bra.

Can Bracer be used on a daily basis?

Yes, it can be used on a daily basis. It provides you optimal support without causing any difficulty, making it the most favoured choice.

Does the Bracer Bust Shaper have two straps?

Nope, the two straps shown in the images are a normal bra with Dermawear Women’s Bracer Bust Shaper.

I have down shoulders can Bracer be usable for me or not?

There is no reason about why it shouldn’t be usable for you. Disregarding its function, it is exactly like a bra.

Are the sizes of a bra and the Bracer the same?

The Size of the bra and Shapewear are not exactly the same. You can refer to our size chart and understand the difference.

Is Bracer padded?

Dermawear Women’s Bracer Bust Shaper is not a bra hence it is not padded. If you prefer a bra with padding refer to our Collection of Racer Back Sports Bra