3 Tips To Choose The Right Athletic Clothing

“Dress for your Success”. Sounds counter intuitive? How can your attire affect your success or failure? Well, as silly as it sounds it does help if you dress confidently for any occasion. Be it an important meeting or an exercise, the clothing you choose does influence your performance.

It’ something as simple as if you feel confident about yourself it rubs on to your performance as well. So, selecting the right clothes for working out will not only put you at ease but also help boost your performance. We do understand that it’s only natural for you wanting to look good while working out, but your exercise clothes should be less about fashion and more about comfort. So, how should you select the right ensemble for your workout? As always we’re here for you, because of all the dilemma you have to face, outfit shouldn’t be one.

Avoid Tight Clothes

Now we do know that those tight snugly pants or bras are what some of you prefer while working out as it gives you that extra support, but wearing them while workout may cause more harm than good. The friction caused because of the rigorous exercise may lead to Chaffing, an act of making skin sore by rubbing against it. Wearing bras with very high compression will result in hindrance in the blood circulation making you feel dizzy. Opt for clothes made with lighter and breathable fabrics so you’re able to move freely while working out.

Find the Right Fabric

As with the case with every piece of clothing, you need to choose the correct fabric. Avoid using cotton as it soaks up every ounce of sweat that you lose and stays wet for the longest. Opt for more comfortable materials such as polypropylene or spandex. They are far more flexible and stretchable providing you with a pleasant experience while working out.

Leggings vs Shorts

There’s all kind of perceptions and opinions regarding this matter. Many of them feel that leggings are the more comfortable choice as it provides them with a snugly feel. It boils down to personal choice, although leggings do have more advantages over shorts. Due to the shorts being very short as is the current fashion it may result in thighs touching each other causing friction burn which can be avoided by using a comfortable and good pair of gym leggings.

We have provided you with all the info that you would require while selecting an attire for workout, we have let you know about all the benefits as well as the ill-effects that it may cause. But guess what? We have more in the store for you.

Dermawear presents a range of ultra-cool and stylish Athleisure leggings to partner you to the gym. Not only are they super comfortable and breathable, they come in bright and subtle colours that can easily be paired with loose Tees, Halters or Sports Tops. What more? They look so uber-trendy that you don’t even have to compromise on the fashion front.  It also comes with an elasticated 4-inch waistband proving a standard compression support to your abdomen. It’s made up of texturized micro poly and spandex so you don’t have to compromise on your comfort.

So Ladies, now that you know all about your “Workout Wear” we’ll see you on the other side of fitness.

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