5 Reasons You Should Wear Active Sports Bra

Imagine this, you’re prepping to start gymming from tomorrow, you’ve planned for everything, from sports shoes to adrenaline-pumping music. You've narrowed everything down and are ready for the challenge, but do you know you’re missing out on one of the most important accessories? A sports bra.

Studies have shown that there still are many women who are wearing a traditional regular bra instead of a sports bra, endangering themselves to some serious damage. Due to the friction caused while exercising, if there isn’t adequate support provided by your bra, holding them in one place without too much movement, you may risk severely damaging your chest tissues.

Not only that, but there also are some other advantages too of choosing a sports bra over a traditional one. In this blog, we’ll try and cover some basic reasons as to why you should always choose a sports bra over a regular bra while working out.

Prevents Injury

This one is a no brainer, the most important advantage of wearing a sports bra is that it significantly reduces your injury concerns. Irrespective of your breast size and the type of workout you’re doing it will naturally lead to movement and friction also resulting in an injury called the Cooper’s Ligament.

Not only will your chest tissues be damaged but inadequate support may also lead to premature sagging.


You’re going to be straining your muscles while working out, so naturally, there’s bound to be some discomfort. You don’t want to add to that the discomfort caused by traditional bras. To make your workout sessions all the more effective you’re going to need as much help as you can and wearing a sports bra would do that for you.

Additionally, the absence of any underwires or straps means that it offers you unhindered support while working out.


Sports bras are no longer just a workout accessory. Since women are starting to realise the importance of sports bras, they’ve ceased to become more trendy and fashionable. They’re now available in a whole lot of colours, prints and sizes to fit into everyone’s style.

Since there are so many options available women have also started pairing sports bra as a crop top with their Active Pants.

Medical Reasons

Studies have shown that if you’ve undergone surgery, it is recommended to wear a sports bra to speed up the healing process. The absence of digging wires and uncomfortable straps give you all the more reason to choose them over a regular bra.

In fact, cosmetic surgeons insist on women wearing sports bras if they’ve undergone any surgery around their breast for the kind of support that it provides.

Lesser stress on muscles 

The compression provided by the sports bras not only reduce stress on any muscles, it also enables you to have a better posture. Now there is no guarantee that sports bras are going to improve your posture overnight, but the support that it provides makes you feel that you have some added support to your back.

Especially if you’re someone who suffers from frequent backaches after working out, sports bras may do you a whole world of good.

So will you make the smart choice and replace your regular bra with a sports bra? We suggest you do so immediately and start working out with comfort and style.

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