Confused About Masks? Here’s The Actual Science Behind Why Face Masks Work

With the pandemic on an ever increasing streak, the risks associated with it also have been growing tremendously. To curb this, Governments all over the world have implemented the compulsion of wearing face masks, whenever they’re outdoors.


Although it seems logical, there is still some skepticism about wearing face masks. In this blog, we’ll tell you the actual science behind why face masks work and why it is our best defence against Coronavirus. 

Why Masks Work?

Simply put, transmission of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 occurs through respiratory droplets that are discharged when people cough, sneeze or talk. If these droplets enter the mouth or nose of the people in the nearby vicinity, that person may be infected.

So, it only seems logical that covering your nose and mouth with a cloth or a mask would prevent the virus from spreading. Another important reason to wear a mask is that this virus is a type asymptomatic infection, that is, the person would not be aware that he/she has been infected for quite some time and until then, they may have unknowingly passed it on to others. 

Masks therefore create a physical barrier catching these droplets and preventing them to spreading into the surrounding air.

Do we have any evidence to back up this claim?

There are several strands of evidence that prove the efficacy of face masks. One of them comes from an experiment carried out using a high speed video where it was found that hundreds of droplets were discharged when saying a simple phrase but almost all of it was blocked by a damp washcloth. 

A recent study published compared the virus growth rate before and after wearing a mask was made compulsory and it found that the mask mandates curbed the rise of COVID-19 which became more and more prominent over time. 

There was another study which compared coronavirus deaths across countries and found that those with the regulation of wearing masks had much lower death rates. 

Are all types of masks beneficial?

There have been many studies that have compared all the different types of face masks available and found that for the general mass the most important thing to be considered is comfort. The best face mask for you is the one you feel the most comfortable in and can wear them consistently. 

Although for healthcare workers, it is obligatory that they wear N-95 masks with the entire kit. To check which type of face mask is recommended for you can check our blog “Understanding the Difference between N95s, Surgical Masks and Normal Masks”.

The bottom line is that any mask that covers nose and mouth will be beneficial. So you may choose from the homemade ones, the readymade cloth ones or the N-95 surgical masks depending on your comfort and use. 

We hope that reading this blog, has helped you better understand why wearing a face mask is so important not only for you but also for those around you. If you’re looking for some stylish designer face masks to help you fight the pandemic in style. From solid ones to print, we have a range of face masks that is both stylish and comfortable. Hover on to Dermawear’s Protector Face Mask fashionable collection and choose from the options available. 

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