Are You Choosing The Right Fabric For Your Leggings? Let’s Help You Out!

We love wearing leggings. Be it at work, at the comfort of our homes or even at the gyms, we wear it not just for its comfort but also because of the kind of flattering look that it offers. But the question is, are you wearing the right fabric? Right fabric offers not just a flattering fit, but also ensures comfort at its best. So in today’s article we’ve got you all covered with your dilemma to choose the right leggings specially when you are shopping online.  Here you go!



The Polyester Ones:

Polyester is the most popular choice for activewear leggings because of its water resistant and sweat wicking feature. Also, fabric of polyester is such that it ensure zero see-through and super comfort and style. You definitely should go with this one!

The Cotton Ones:

We need not mention, how much we love cotton during the summers. As much as it is a comfortable fabric, the bad news is it doesn’t stretch well. Eventually it loses its shape and doesn’t give you that stylish look you deserve! However, if you’re keen on buying cotton ones, do check the ones mixed with spandex or polyester which will give you that stylish fit along with comfort you deserve.

The Woolen Ones:

Whoever says you cannot style out with leggings during winters, is absolutely wrong! Woolen leggings are a for sure deal for you if you are a fan of winter fashion! They keep your pockets air trapped, holding in warmth. You can wear it with XL size pull-overs or sweatshirts or even jackets and look super trendy. 

The Spandex Ones:

Spandex being stretchy, body hugging and ensuring a flattering fit, has become the favorite fabric for all women especially when it comes to activewears. Try it out if you want to get that trendy stylish look and we ensure you’re going to love it!

The Nylon Ones:

Now let’s talk about one of the best fabrics for leggings i.e. Nylon. With features like high durability, light weight of the fabric and giving a flattering fit, nylon has become the most popular type of fabric for leggings. Just ensure that you use the right kind of specific wash so as to resist shrinking of the fabric.

The Nylon-Spandex Blend Ones:

And now the best one! This fabric being a blend of both nylon and spandex, gives you all in one features such as comfort, style and a trendy look and feel. Whether you wear it as a casual wear or a gym wear, it doesn’t compromise with its performance. So wear it while gyming, at your work desk or simply lazing around on your couch, we ensure you won’t ever regret investing. 

We hope we’ve now made you well aware of all the fabric types for leggings and that you’d now choose accordingly. So go ahead, make a move, buy the best one. Stay stylish!

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