3 Basic Exercises To Help You Stay Fit This Quarantine

This pandemic has a whole lot of challenges that are thrown in front of us. From being in a lockdown mode for more than two months to putting a stop to dining at our favourite restaurants, the challenges have been ever increasing. One other thing that we really miss is going to the gym and working out.

While we can’t do anything about your dining or your lockdown we can sure help with the fitness aspect. Being unable to go to the gym is a real bummer, believe us we know that, but that shouldn’t stop us from working towards our fitness goal. In this article, we’ll talk about the four basic exercises that you can do at the pleasure of your own homes without any equipment.


When we think about exercises, the first exercise that probably comes to our mind is the push-ups. Now there are different forms of push-ups as well depending on your form such as diamond push-ups, but in this blog, we’ll talk about the most basic and intermediate form of it.

The biggest advantage of this exercise is that it strengthens your upper body. From your triceps to pectoral muscles to your shoulders, it is a fast and effective exercise that can be performed anywhere to increase your strength.

 When done with the perfect form, it also strengthens your lower back and core by engaging your abdominal muscles.


What if we told you that we have an exercise that would not only help you strengthen your body but also improve your overall physique, mood and posture? Yes, you got it right, we’re talking about the almighty planks.

We know that planks may not be your favourite exercises due to its difficulty, but believe us, it’s worth every bit. Including planks in your daily fitness routine would result in health benefits that would last you a lifetime.

It majorly works on your abdominal muscles but not restricted to it, as it also works on your shoulder, chest, glutes and quadriceps. Talk about an all-rounder for an exercise. 


When we talk about the most basic exercise ever invented, we’re indirectly talking about the squats. It is a dynamic strength exercise that works on both your upper as well as your lower body. It can also be called our very own “dand baithak”

Squats can be considered as a favourite among athletes because of its lower body strengthening feature. It increases their explosive power thereby increasing their mobility. But this exercise is not only for athletes, it’s important for everyone especially those who are a bit prone to injuries.

Squats work on your tendons, ligaments and bones which reduces the risk of injury. The other major benefit of squats is that they are heavy calorie burners. So for all those looking to trim down, you know your favourite exercise!

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