Which Type Of Petticoat Is Best While Wearing A Saree?

“When in doubt, wear a saree!” This pretty much sums up the importance of a saree in our wardrobe. There is no denying the fact that nothing beats an ethnic saree look. The grace and charm of a saree is pretty unmatched. For many ladies out there, a saree is their go-to look for all their special occasions, be it a wedding, a birthday party or a get-together it’s the most favoured outfit with very little chances of missing the mark.

But to rock the saree look, one thing that you need to get spot-on is the petticoat you’re planning to wear under it. A petticoat can be considered as the very foundation that dictates the entire look of your ensemble. We can very well say that a petticoat can make or break your look, so you have to be extra careful when selecting a petticoat. 

But with so many options available how can you choose the best petticoat that makes you look like a diva on your special occasion? That’s where we come in. In this blog we’ll talk about the different types of petticoats and help you choose the perfect petticoat for you.

Types of Saree Petticoat

A Line

This is one of the most common type of petticoat and is used for most of the sarees. The major reason it is so popular is because of the styles in which it is designed. It generally has four or six or eight segments stitched together with one straight side stitched with slightly diagonally. It has sufficient area for leg movement which makes it a preferred choice among all ladies.  


Possibly the most favoured petticoat, these are worn with thin fabric sarees which are draped tightly. As the name suggests, these types of saree petticoats give mermaid like shape to the wearer that is the upper part of it is tightly fitted and then becomes slightly looser as it comes down for sufficient leg movement.


These types of petticoats are generally worn by ladies who do not prefer too many gathers or pleats on the waist. A layered petticoat has can-can inside it giving a stunning flare at the bottom. This is the reason why the portion near the waist is tight-fitted and is slightly looser at the bottom for leg movement. These petticoats may have straps, zips or hooks to hold it.

Saree Shapewear

The most popular modern petticoat, a saree shapewear petticoat is favoured among all age groups because of its trendy design. Replacing the traditional petticoats, these slimming petticoats have made their way into almost every wardrobe. The major advantage that these women saree shapewears have over other petticoats is the 2 in one feature that it provides.

It works as a regular petticoat as well as a shapewear contouring all the flabby areas and making you look slimmer and toned in a saree. For unrestricted and ease of movement this saree shaper comes with side slits. Add to that the mermaid fit that moves with your body coupled with lightweight and stretchable fabric like polyester and spandex, you’ve got the perfect replacement for the traditional petticoat.

What makes our Saree Shapewear so different are the drawstrings that it comes with, which are strong enough to hold any saree weight. The varied colour options it is available in, just makes it a delight for everyone.

With so many features bundled into the saree shapewear, it seems to be the perfect choice of petticoat especially if you want to look that bit slimmer for your special day. What are you waiting for? Log into your Dermawear account and choose from your favourite saree shapewear today!

Happy Shopping!

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