Buy Shapewear That Works For Dresses

Every girl’s wardrobe has at least one beautiful dress in it. 

A majority of dresses we find on stores have figure-hugging styles that accentuate the body frame and makes women look petite or curvy. The problem comes in when our contours are not thaaaat flattering; be it love handles, bust spill-overs, or pronounced hips or thighs, we all have been there! So we not just have troubles finding a well-fitting dress but also fitting properly into it. Bigger sizes will not give an elegant look and smaller ones can be really uncomfortable to wear. Good news is that there is an awesome solution to this tricky situation, something that’ll make you look toned instantly. 


Here’s the glitch. Not every shapewear goes with every dress you have. So, you must own Women’s shapewear according to your dress style. In this blog we would like to throw some light on how to choose the perfect shapewear according to your dresses.



The Little Black Dress (LBD) - These breathtaking knee-length black dresses have been The Essential piece in every girl’s wardrobe since eternity! They are always curvy in the waist areas.  You can go for Dermawear’s Mini Shaper or Mini Corset to get that hourglass perfect look. They come in Black and Skin colour, so you'll never have to worry about body shaper peeping out beneath your dress.


Wedding Gowns: These days bridal trousseau always comprises of a quality abdomen shaper like Dermawear’s Hip Corset or Slim & Trim High Waist Shaper for complete abdomen-to-hip coverage.
Silhouette-Revealing Party Wear - Parties are all about wearing good clothes, elegant makeup and confidence. Wearing party dresses with all the bulges and tires can ruin your look. You can opt for full-body shapers like Dermawear’s Slimmer and ShapeX NC.
Stroll-In-The-Park Dress - Casual dresses are usually loose fitted below the waist for free movement. So, you may require contouring at the chest-&-abdomen areas. Try out Dermawear’s Cami Corset Abdomen Shaper and Ambre Body Shaper.
Wondering If Shapewear Is Suitable For Body Hugging Seamless Gowns?
Many a times high-quality gowns or dresses come in seamless styling that doesn’t allow for regular shapewear (worn beneath) to go unnoticed. Even a slight increase in shaper’s fabric thickness or extra stitch can be quite revealing. For such dresses you can opt for Dermawear’s premium Women’s shapewear. The entire collection is made of thin, imported fabric and comes with an impeccable ‘invisible seam’ tailoring. Some of our best sellers are listed below:
            Citron Waist Shaper    
           Cette Abdomen Shaper
          P-605 Waist & Hip Shaper 
Browse Dermawear’s complete range of amazing Women’s Shapewear here.

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