Celebrate International Women's Day The Dermawear Way

Being a woman is demanding and tough, we all know that. The struggles and sacrifices made by a woman on a daily basis are no child’s play, and believe me we know that. That is one reason why we consider it as our responsibility to help you. 

To help you fit in those figure hugging dresses and rock those favourite pair of denims that you have forgone just because you look “large” in it. If you’re someone who has dropped the idea off owning those stunning lavender gown look just because those don’t fit anymore, we feel your pain. 

But you don’t have to anymore, our range of products are specially designed to help you feel special, not just for one day but throughout the whole year. And the most special thing about our products? We’ve got one for every occasion. Be it special occasions, a casual stroll to the park or for an intense workout session, we have something for everyone. 

Mini Shapewear

Shapewears have come a long way, transitioning from “just another celebrity fad” to “something which every woman should have”. We get it, there may be sometimes where you just want to wear your favourite dress very well-knowing that you may look “bulgy” in it. And hey, we don’t blame you, but what if we tell you that you no longer have to compromise on your look just because you choose to wear your favourite dress?

Including our Mini Shapewear in your ensemble would just go that extra mile in making you look drop dead gorgeous in your favourite attire. The compression provided by it would help you look toned and in perfect shape to flaunt those scintillating curves in your killer outfit. Ideal to go with jeans, gowns or dresses this is one body shaper that ceases to impress every time you put it on. 

Active Pants

The increased emphasis on the fitness routines has encouraged us to introduce the Athleisure range of Active Pants. From solid plains to striking prints we have something for everyone. From casual stroll in the parks to workout sessions to office wear these active wear leggings are a delight to wear anytime and anywhere.

If you’re someone who is always on the move then these Active Pants are “The Pants” for you. Its moisture wicking and sweat resistant properties, help you to breeze through your day with comfort and ease. Looking for pants that are stylish and fun? You’ve come to the right place.

Sports Bra

With so many women turning to intense workout sessions to keep their bodies toned and in shape, we find it rather baffling that majority of these women are still opting for just a regular bra instead of a sports bra.

Now what effects does this seem to have? Not only are you being restricted to maximise your performance in the gym, you’re also risking yourself from severely damaging your chest tissues. Including a well-designed sports bra like SB-1101 in your gym bag would do wonders for you. Not only would you feel more comfortable working out in them, you would also be able to maximise your performance in the gym. Need any more reasons to go for a Sports bra?

ShapeX Denim

There is no greater pain than the one where you have to forego your beloved jeans just because you don’t fit anymore. Believe me, we know that feeling. The sole reason why we have introduced ShapeX Denims, especially for the plus size women. 

These ShapeX Denims come in two variations i.e. with a 4 inches compression belt and a 6 inches compression belt. These compression belts help you tone your abdomen, giving you the desired shape to rock the denim look. The best thing about them? They are just like your regular jeans, just with better features. Still planning on what to wear for those fun weekends?

This International Women’s Day you can count on us to help you look trimmed and toned without compromising on your comfort. Have a special evening planned? Check out our range of Shapewears. Want to keep it chic and casual? Go for our stylish range of Active Pants. Want to maximise your performance at the gym? Opt for the super comfy and supportive Sports Bra. Have a thing for the ever trendy Denims? Our ShapeX Denims have your back. Dermawear’s sleek collection of garments is all you need to help you breeze throughout the year.

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