How To Choose The Perfect Active Bra For Every Occasion?

An active bra has a lot of conjecture revolving around it. Women often ponder, can I wear an active bra daily or is it just a gym-wear? Many women also have the misconception that owning a single type of bra is sufficient to take them through the day. While it is not completely wrong, owning multiple types of active bras gives you a whole lot of options to choose from. 

In this blog, we will help you choose the perfect active bra depending on your preference and comfort. So, let us dive right in. Here are some of the different types of active bras you can choose from on Dermawear:

Active Bra for Beginners:

Choosing your first bra can seem like a daunting task especially if you are still not sure about the cup sizes you should go ahead with. That is where this active bra comes to your rescue. Soft moulded seamless cups, this slip-on bra is all you need when you are starting out. This bra comes with an in-built placement for inserting pads for complete comfort.

This bra is expertly tailored especially for both ladies who have smaller cup-sizes and the first timers to provide efficient support. Designed with super comfortable fabric like texturized micropoly and elastane, this bra helps you avoid back strains and weak postures.

Low Impact Active Bra:

Now, if you are planning to do low or medium intensity workouts such as yoga, cycling or walking then you probably do not need a great level of encapsulation. For such times, these bras are ideal as they provide adequate support required for that task.

Not only do these bras come without any hooks or clasps, they also provide gentle support to help you get through your endeavours.

High Impact Active Bra:

These types of active bras are generally referred to as sports bras. These bras offer high level compression to ensure minimum movement of breasts while exercising. They are generally used for high-intensity workouts such as Zumba or running.

But that is not their only use. The major advantage of active bras for women is that not only do they provide adequate support, they are also fashionable to wear. With the amount of colour options and patterns available, you no more have to sacrifice on the style quotient of your active bra. We hope that this blog will help you choose a perfect bra for every occasion and help you advance your fitness journey. 

Now that you know which type of bra is suitable for you, let us help you buy the best sports bra. Head over to our bra’s collection and choose from your favourite low/medium or high impact sports bras. Designed with top-quality fabric, you can be assured that Dermawear’s active bras would be there for you throughout your fitness journey.

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