Dermawear Product Selection Guide: How To Buy Shapewear Online

Wearing the right-fitting shaping garment is a MUST for today’s Selfie Generation. Every click must display style & panache, without adding 5 kilos to the profile! Well, shapewear surely can prove to be wonderful assets for your ‘assets’. So much so that you’ll never need to edit your pictures again! *wink wink* 

In this blog we’ll tell you how wearing a well-fitting body shaper can work miracles for your curvaceous body.


Most people, Small-sized or 3XL-sized, have some body-part that is not proportionate or is bulky. Target-area focused shapewear can help fix them and give the much-needed boost of confidence. There is a body shaper for everyone in Dermawear Shapewear collection. Choose from a wide variety of shapers targeting your pain areas with different compression levels. If rightly selected, you can easily slay in any outfit of your choice!

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At Dermawear, we have Regular and Premium product ranges. You can opt for either of them depending on the occasion & utility. Both have similar offerings - shapers targeting tummy, abdomen-to-thighs areas etc. Every one of our body shapewear garments is great for daily use. They’re made of excellent quality breathable and stretchable fabric. 

The only difference is that Dermawear’s Premium Shapewear range is made of ultra-thin imported fabric and is designed for seamless tailoring. It is an apt addition for a wedding trousseau and or for thin, figure-hugging dresses that require seamless inner-wear.  On your big day, you're already clad in a heavy dress like a lehenga and wouldn't want to add more layers to your body. Feather-light Premium Shapewear products from Dermawear would be a great accessory - Seamless, Discreet, & Thin.

At Dermawear, we have made the process of size selection very easy! For measuring shapewear size that’s apt for your body, you can simply follow this rule for all our products: 
On the individual product page, you’ll find a SIZE CHART reference link, mentioned just below the size selection list and above the Pin Code box. On click, it will open a pop-up displaying a size selection guide. Product sizes and corresponding measurement sizes or ‘inch tape sizes’ will be there. You can use a regular inch tape for taking your measurements and then refer to this size guide.
Please keep in mind the following before zeroing on a shapewear size:
  • The size guides of brands differ. So, a Medium of one can be a Small of another.
  • Never buy shapewear that’s one size smaller than your regular clothes size. It is a wrong assumption that shapewear should be very tight and smaller sizes should be tried.
  • Double-check the measurement chart on all product pages, even of the same brand. Sometimes the tailoring and pattern differ (E.g.: bras - sports bra & regular bra sizes vary).
Conclusion: It is a myth that Shapewear is only meant for or is available for Plus size people. Whether you have a straight waist, uneven abdomen, love handles heavy thighs or bulky hips, shapewear can make you look curvy, proportionate and toned in no time! It is not just for Plus size people but for anyone who wishes to look their best and fit into clothes comfortably.
Hope after reading this blog, you’ll be able to confidently select your perfect body shaper. Happy Shopping!

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