Shapewear Style Guide: Different Shapewears For Multiple Outfits

Who doesn’t desire a slim and slick figure, but very few are able to achieve it. Some are naturally blessed (we envy you) while some use an additional boost of shapewear. While a body shaper can fetch you the curves and silhouette you need to fit into your dream dress, it is important to understand which shapewear goes with which outfit.

In this blog we’ll help you choose from the different women shapewear available to go with your different outfits. 

Tummy Shapewear

Arguably the most popular shapewear, it provides support to your weak abdominal muscles while creating a toned and definite silhouette. This women body shaper can be worn under t-shirts, tops, kurtis and all other outfits that cover your tummy.

Tummy shapers are a great idea to smoothen out any lumps or bumps while trimming your tummy, shaping your waistline and supporting your back.

Bust Shapewear

Bust shapers generally go beyond just the basic functionality of a push-up bra, they enhance your bust line by giving it the ideal shape. These shapers are scientifically designed to contour and support your breasts.

The best part of these shapers is that they can be worn under any outfit, but they are ideal to be worn under figure hugging clothes which helps you flaunt a great silhouette. 

Lower Body Shapewear

Ideal for shaping lower body, these types of body shapers contour and provide ideal support to your waist and thighs. These shapers generally provide more than one area of support, they’d effectively be working as waist cinchers, thighs shapers and sometimes even as abdomen shapers.

Another favoured shapewear for the lower body is the Saree Shapewear. As the name suggests, these shapers are specially designed to replace the traditional petticoat. The slim and mermaid fit that it provides enables you to flaunt those scintillating curves in traditional outfits.

But it is not only limited to sarees, as they can be a delight to be worn under lehengas as well as gowns.

Full Body Suit

If you’re confused about which type of shapewear you should go for or require a full body support, then there’s nothing better than wearing the full body shapewears. They provide compression to your entire body supporting it and keeping you comfortable. 

This all-over support suit is ideal for almost every ensemble excluding shorts, lehengas, sarees or anything revealing the abdomen area. 

Post-Pregnancy Shapewear

Post-delivery, your body takes its own time to heal and come back in shape. It may take months for you to get back your original body and so, it’s not a bad idea to have a shapewear to help you out in this.

However, if you decide to go for such shapewears, it is advisable that you consult your doctors first and only then go ahead and use them. Even with their approval it is recommended that you buy shapewear belts that you are able to choose the compression on. One such example is Unigrip Shapewear, which is specially designed for women post-delivery.

As you might have probably understood by now, deciding between shapewears can be a tricky choice especially if you haven’t tried it before. So it is understandable if you have some questions or concerns regarding it. 

If you do, you can refer to our FAQs section to find the answers and if your concern is still not addressed you can drop us an email at our customer care id and we’ll help you make a correct choice. We’re always happy to help you to “Shape Up With Confidence”

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