Different Types Of Lower Body Gears For Your ‘Active’ Lifestyle!

Pants, Leggings and Tights are the three most common skin-tight garments that are worn by women across the globe. Be it for fashion, comfort, strolling or lounging, these bottom wears sure deliver a personal style statement. And other times they work as a must-have gear for gym workouts and yoga sessions!

Everyone has their own opinion about using women's pants or tights as casual attire garments. They are often paired up with a cool Kurtis or worn beneath chic tops, creating a variety of style statements. No matter how similar both of these daily wear essentials are in terms of looks (body hugging garments), these products serve very different purposes and play specific roles in one's wardrobe. Often, people don't know this difference!

And this confusion is faced even by many of our Dermawear Shapewear customers. They often confuse out Activewear Pants range with tights. Well, the first difference between the two would be that we do not deal in tights yet. Our range of products includes shapewear pants and leggings amongst other Women shapewear garments, specially curated for shaping and ‘active lifestyle’ needs. In this blog, we have decided to clear things up for our Customers and help them understand the differences between women's pants & tights.



The key differentiators between Active Pants and tights are as under:


Tights is a thin skin-tight garment that sheaths the body from the waist down to the toe tips. It has body-hugging tight fit and is often worn as a layer beneath a garment. There is a thicker variety available in the market called ‘running tights’ as well.

Pants, on the other hand, is a not-so-tight lower body garment that reaches up to the ankles. They are thicker in material, more comfortable, and provide firm support at mid-to-lower abdomen region. Perfect for fitness enthusiasts!

In India, Leggings is something that’s usually paired with Kurtis and long tops. Neither Leggings or Tights should be confused with stockings. Stockings are more like socks that go all the way up to the thighs and are not joint at the seam like Tights or Leggings. While Tights are worn by both men and women, Leggings are completely a Women’s gear.

Varieties of Pants, Leggings and Tights:

Shaping Pants is a highly-stretchable activewear and one of the most popular garments in the market. They start from the upper abdomen (with 2X compression) and reach till ankles with uniform standard compression. They are wonderful to wear for workouts, stretching routines and to get a toned look!

Tights are usually found in sheer, fishnet forms or a combination of both. The utterly opaque varieties are used for running and are often thigh-length or toe length pieces. Tights are more of a fashion garment than a casual or activewear gear.

Leggings available in the market come in many varieties with multi-purpose utilities. They are figure hugging, thick & opaque, patterned & thin, etc.

Differences in fabrics & colours:

Dermawear Shapewear products are made of superior cotton or spandex and are thick yet stretchable in nature. Tights, on the other hand, are mostly made of elasticized cotton with polyester blends. While Tights are often seen in neutral plain colours, Dermawear’s Activewear Pants & Leggings come in many patterns, colours and designs. Our high-waisted lower-body products have many enviable prints like camouflage, abstract, nature, illusion, striped, and plain.

Length & Fit:

Tights cover from legs to toe tips, with some cutting off at the thigh (called thigh highs) while others cover up to the waist. However, there are certain transparent garments without feet which are called footless tights. Few manufacturers often mistakenly refer to them as leggings. Tights are usually extremely tight (like a second skin) and sometimes not very comfortable to wear for more extended period of time. Authentic pants are "loose leggings" that start from the lower abdomen reaching up to the ankles. Many brands offer mid-calf length coverage as well called 'capri pants'. Activewear varieties often feature a distinct high-coverage waist, pockets and a reinforcement in the crotch.



When are pants and tights worn?

Women wear pants as standalone pieces below tees, sweat shirts, kurtis and other casual top wear garments. Although, they can be worn on a daily basis, they do not qualify as office wear clothes and should be avoided for formal events. Tights, on the other hand, can be worn as a layer under other garments in a corporate world. Unlike pants, tights are often translucent in nature and are commonly worn under dresses, skirts, and shorts.

Available in great mix-&-match colours like subtle Grey, cool Blue, & intense Black, Dermawear Active Pants are a great buy. They come with amazing features like sweat-resistance, feather-light feel and supreme stretch. So, what are you waiting for? Browse & shop from our Lower Body Shapers Collection Now!

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