3 Reasons Why You Should Never Shop For Smaller Sized Shapewear

Shapewear have become one of the most widely used apparel in recent times. Although its popularity has grown multifold, there are still some misconceptions and queries regarding them. One of the major one being can you buy women shapewear that is one size smaller? Not only is it not a recommended practice, but also opting for shapewear that are smaller can result in some pretty serious health concerns.

In this blog, let’s take a look as to why buying smaller size shapewear for women is not recommended.

Restricts Blood Circulation

Probably one of the most harmful effects of opting for smaller shapewear size, this can result in some catastrophic health issues. If the shapewear you choose turns out to be much tighter than required, it can compress your nerves resulting in blood clots. That said, your shapewear shouldn’t be too loose. Shapewear can only work if it has firm compression, and so it is supposed to be tight. 

Therefore, to avoid such repercussions, it is advisable that you buy the right size of shapewear. If you have any confusions regarding your size, check out our shapewear guide blog to help you buy the right one. You could also refer to our shapewear size calculator and choose the perfect shapewear for you.

Results in Numbness and Tingling

One other disadvantage of donning body shapers that are too tight is that it can result in a condition called 'meralgia paresthetica', that causes numbness, pain and tingling in your legs. This generally happens because of a key nerve in your thighs being compressed. 

Therefore, it becomes all the more important to get your size spot on. The key to doing this would be before buying a shapewear, refer to the shapewear size chart, and figure out which size suits you best.

Results in Acid Reflux

This generally happens with smaller tummy control shapewear as it sits over your stomach and intestines. The compression provided by smaller shapewear means that your stomach, intestines and colon are compressed, which can then result in acid reflux and heartburn. 

To avoid this, we generally advise our customers to go for one size bigger shapewear if they are unsure about their shapewear size. You could also initially wear your shapewear for smaller durations of time and only once you are used to the compression wear it for longer periods of time.

With that, we have come to an end for this blog. We hope that this blog answered your questions as to why you should never opt for smaller sized shapewears. Looking to shop for women’s shapewear online? Browse over to our selection of women’s shapewear and choose from a plethora of tummy, hips and full-body shapewear options.

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