Four Reasons You Need a Sports Bra in Your Wardrobe

Sports bra’s popularity has been increasing a lot over the past few decades. One of the major reasons that can be attributed to its ascending popularity is the want of every woman to be fitted and healthier especially in these uncertain times. They have rapidly become one of the absolute must-haves in every wardrobe and if you don’t have them, you are missing out on a lot. Here are four reasons why every woman needs to own a sports bra:


    Provide Adequate Support

    Possibly one of the biggest and most sought-after advantages of a sports bra is the support that it provides. They are extremely important to maintain the integrity of the chest tissues minimizing movement. This also ensures that your breast doesn’t suffer any damage cause by movement, thereby preventing premature sagging.

    Maintains the Shape of the Breasts

    All breasts have muscle ligaments and any activity you do, risk stretching them and losing shape. Also, tears in ligaments are irreversible damage and can cause premature shape issues in younger women. TO avoid this, it is recommended that you opt for a sports bra. You can choose between the encapsulation levels of the sports bra depending on your preference.

    Regulates Sweat and Temperature

    Regular bras are often designed with material that may or may not aid in keeping you cool. However, majority of the sports bras since they are primarily designed for physical activities are engineered with moisture wicking and breathable fabrics. This ensures that you breeze through the entire day without any hassle.

    Helps in Reducing Breast Pain

    If you’re someone who experiences regular chest pains, sports bras are ideal for you. An intense movement during any physical exercise may lead to pain and soreness in the chest. This is where a sports bra comes into the picture. Unlike a traditional bra that doesn’t offer a sturdy protection, a sports bra keeps the breasts firmly in one place eliminating pain and soreness.

    With that we have come to an end for our blog. We hope that it helped you understand the importance of a sports bra in every wardrobe. Now that you know, hover over to our collection of Dermawear sports and active bras and choose your favourite one. Choose from a wide range of compression levels, designs and more! Sign up to Dermawear and start shopping for your favourite product today!

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