Have You Tried Shapewear Yet?

Every man and woman desires to look good and feel confident in their skin. And to do so, more and more people are increasingly relying on shapewear to flaunt their figures. In fact, many are even creating their own shapewear wardrobe with a variety of functional compression undergarments to have a ready quick-fix solution for their ‘problem areas’!

Love-handles, heavy bust areas, bulges and uneven body shape is a battle that both men and women face these days where appearance is EVERYTHING! Indeed, body shapers are the next wardrobe staple of modern Indians!


It's not just women’s shapewear that is gaining momentum. Men’s shapewear is also increasingly becoming popular as even men feel the social pressures of having ‘smooth’gym-ready torsos and donning trendy slim-fit shirts and trousers. Those of you who have a wardrobe full of body fitting clothes know how REAL the struggle of slipping into them can be!

Hence, shapewear garments are now an open secret used by both men and women – an effective secret that makes those bulges disappear in a jiffy! If you haven't tried it yet or need more convincing, then read on to find yourself changing your mind by the end of this piece.


A body shaper performs a mini-miracle when you wear it. Below are a few reasons why you should try Women shapewear or Men shapewear for your slimming and contouring needs.

To maximize your curvy frame:

Shapewear can help you ‘get’ curves in all the right places and highlight your figure in the most attractive way. Wearing shapewear garments such as a waist shaper or an abdomen shaper helps with compression of the mid section up to 1-3 inches. The high control ones can reduce it by even more inches right away. While you go about your gym and diet routines, shaping products can help you project an hour glass figure temporarily for events and parties. Isn’t it a fab way to supplement your fitness goals?

To have flat bellies & abs:

Wash board abs and svelte bellies are something we all want! Tummy shapers like Dermawear’s Cette or Tummy Reducer can make it happen – help you have that flat stomach you've always dreamed of! This is one of the most sought - after body shapers of Women.

And this kind of shapewear is available for men as well. Tummy reducer for men like Dermawear’s Tummy Tight can help you smoothen out unwanted bulges and have enviable abs.


To have bust support:

A bust shaper can help make your chest area appear more beautiful and youthful. There are many types of bust shaper for women available in the market and Dermawear’s products like Frolic and Ally top them all! In fact, Dermawear’s one-of-a-kind Bracer works like a bust shaper (or bust enhancer), to be worn over a bra. It can help your breasts appear morein-shape and give them anelevated perkierframe.

Men’s those who suffer from a condition named gynecomastia or ‘man-boobs’, an appearance of enlarged breasts, should definitely try out Dermawear’s Zenrik-G Vest that assists in naturally alleviating the condition! Men can also opt for other Zenrik vests, a daily wear range of compression gears for Men. They are supremely comfortable and apt for long duration wear.


To reduce unattractive backside bulge:

Regardless of your gender, bulgy hips that are out of shape are just not attractive! A Hips shaper can help you with this. Dermawear’s hips contouring products like Hip Corset and Hip Corset + can compress the bottom and lift your tushup while giving it a shapely appearance. Many of our products give a combo effect Abdomen+Hips+Thighs shaping as well. Browse our collection here.

There are other significant benefits of wearing shapewear like boosting thermal activity and inch loss. And if you've already decided on trying out shapewear, you would now want to know the best brand to rely on.

While there are numerous options available in the market today, you will be making a smart choice if you select Dermawear Shapewear pieces. Our shapewear range has something for:

  •         Both Men &Women
  •          All kinds of clothing styles – Indian & Western
  •          Different compression requirements (standard compression to 3X compression)
  •          Customization options
  •          Various occasions – party wear (short durationwear) or office wear (long duration wear)
  •          Problem area centric products (abdomen shapers, bust shapers etc.)

Also, our shapewear garments are made of breathable, skin-friendly and stretchable fabric (Unique 4D stretch tailoring) to ensure your maximum comfort at all times!

So, what are you waiting for?

 Try on our shapewear garments and let the compliments flow your way! We deliver all across the globe and are present in over 5000 offline stores. Our products can also be purchased online on this website instantly.

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