How Do I Choose Shapewear?

Are you planning to buy shapewear for the first time?

Or have tried body shapers in the past but that didn’t quite suit you well? 

In both cases, you have reached the right blog. :)

Here, we have listed out some important guidelines for purchasing the best shapewear. Something that‘ll make your entire wardrobe work better for you. So, just lean back and listen (read) up!

Let’s start from the start.
Why you should invest in shaping garments?
Body shapers are compression inner wears that are designed to accentuate your curves/physique and streamline the unflattering flab on your body. The best shapewear products are the ones that make you feel confident, comfortable and presentable.
How to decide which one is for you?
Well, there are five essential things to keep in mind while shortlisting a body shaper:
1. Target areas – For looking our best, we need to know our body shape (rectangle / round / hourglass / triangle / inverted triangle) and the problem area that needs to be ‘fixed’ (hips, tummy, sides or love handles, bust or thighs). 
Dermawear Shapewear offers both kinds of products – full body and target-area focused. You can use the ‘select by body type’ filter on our product search page.
If you are looking for full body suits only, you can simply click on “Full Body” box (refer below) on the Home page and that would take you straight to the full body shaper listing page.
2. Compression level – Now that you have determined what kind of shapewear you want, you should consider the occasion for which you are buying. Whether it is for all-day or limited-duration wear. The compression levels in Dermawear garments vary at different places. Examples:
• A High Waist will give three times the standard compression (3XC) at the waist and twice the standard compression (2XC) at the hips and thighs.
 Tummy Reducer will give uniform 3X compression at both lower and abdomen areas. To make sure you are buying the right size, don’t forget to check the tummy shaper size chart provided on all of abdomen shapewear product pages.
 SS Low Waist & Zenrik Everyday are great all-day wear inners having compression ranging from 1XC to 2XC only.
Learn how to refer a shapewear size chart here.
For occasions that require dancing, dining, or sitting for hours, it’s sensible to make the selection as per your comfort level with:
(a) the degree of compression the body shaper is offering.
(b) the duration for which you intend to wear the shapewear.
To ensure the best fitting, please refer shapewear size calculator given on every product page before making a purchase.
3. The attire – This one is easy. You want your shapewear to be camouflaged under your attire. So, a full Body Corset may not work for dresses that are navel revealing, but a combination of bust-shaping Bracer and SS Low Waist might work great for your outfit!
All ready to start your ‘shapewear journey’ now? Read how to buy shapewear online on our website easily.
Together, let’s make your problem areas, your best feature!

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