How Do I Choose The Right Shaping Bra?

Brassieres or Bras don’t fall into the category of ‘just a body-supporting undergarment’ in a Woman’s closet. They are an essential part of her daily ‘what to wear’ decisions. A great bra can make a woman appear contoured, polished and well-groomed. And shaping bras go a step further in enhancing the overall ‘grace’ and ‘vibe’ of the wearer; giving an instant boost to their confidence levels!

There are many kinds of Brassiere varieties available in the market like shaping bras, push-up bras, wired bras, sports bras etc. - every single piece having unique features and utility.


Buying the ‘best’ shaping bra online can be a daunting task. Which is why Dermawear’s website is designed to offer a hassle-free experience! You can simply browse, select and purchase a super functional bra within a few minutes!

Dermawear FROLIC is a super comfortable sports bra made for Women who want compressive bust support for their fitness routines. It comes with no hooks, eyes or zippers. You can simply roll it down your head and arms.

Dermawear ALLY, from our LSR Collection, is developed for women who have oversized or drooping breasts. Specially designed for Plus Sized Women, this shapewear adapts easily to the natural breasts shape and gives it a smooth finish. In fact, it’s a ‘bra’ in itself and does not require to be worn as an additional layer.

Dermawear BRACER  offers additional lift and support to Extra Plus Sized breasts. To be worn on top of a regular bra, BRACER is an open bust shaper that works wonders on heavy chested women who need extra bust-gravity support.


If you are planning to buy your first shaping bra for breasts, here are some things you must keep in mind:

? Size - Before selecting a product make sure you measure the area below-the-bust area (above the diaphragm) and match it with Dermawear’s Size Guide. You can find the size chart either on the product page or on the back of the product packaging.



You can know your size by purchasing Dermawear’s ‘best shaping bra for breasts’ from the nearest retail store. We have over 8000 outlets across India. Do ask the shopkeeper for Dermawear’s special Inch tape. This will make your life so much easier! Simply, check your measurements on the front side of the tape and then look behind on the other side for your size marker. Voila! You’ll know your ‘perfect’ size!

Note: You can also select our products’ sizes using standard inch tapes available in the market.

? Utility - Shaping bras can be used for 3 purposes - Dailywear (Dermawear ALLY), sportswear (Dermawear FROLIC) or Bra Supporters (Dermawear BRACER). As these products are quite body-fitting, it is important that you consider the correct size, compression-level and fabric before making a purchase.

? Fabric & Design - Many of our shaping bra designs come with adjustable straps, found in products like Dermawear Ally or Dermawear Ally+. These straps really help in comfort and support. Our products are made of airy and stretchable fabric that allow maximum mobility during workout sessions or shopping sprees. In fact, they are some of the best bras for support & shaping available in the market!

? Attire & Compression- Sports gear or wedding blouse, choosing the right shaping bra can make all the difference. If you are looking for buying a shaping bra online for occasions like weddings, dancing, jogging etc., you should keep mobility factor in mind and go for a lower compression garment. Moderate compression (Dermawear ALLY) will work for casual attires like Kurtis and tops, while higher compression bust shapers like Dermawear FROLIC are best suited to be worn with yoga or gym gears.

You’ll be happy to know that Dermawear understands that every person’s body is unique in proportions and offers a CUSTOMIZE option for each product. It will be visible to you below the size selection panel.



With prolonged wear, a good shaping bra design can fetch you many benefits like:

? The ‘fall’ of your Clothes over your body (chest specifically) will be more graceful

? Your posture will improve

? You may find a ‘youthful’ lift to your bust line

? Get a natural shaping and minimizing effect on your oversized breasts

? No unwanted ‘spillovers’ or bulges from sides of bra-lines

Dos & Dont’s For Buying Dermawear Shapewear Bust Shaping Products

? Never get a smaller size product and expect better results. Shapewear doesn’t work that way at all! It’s best to adhere to the sizing guidelines of the brand you are purchasing.

? If this is your first time trying out a shaping bra, don’t wear it tight or try a lower sized one, as you might feel discomfort or breathlessness, especially during the strenuous activities like dancing etc

? If you are trying Dermawear’s bust shaping product for the first time, then we suggest you start with one product first and then build on your bust-shaping-gear set gradually.

? To ensure a comfortable fit, do try to wear shaping bras twice or thrice before the ‘big occasion’ or event.

To learn more about Dermawear’s shapewear collections or how to buy the ‘best’ shaping bras for Women, you can go through “How To Use Shapewear To Target Specific Body Parts?” or “How To Choose The Right Shapewear”.

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