How To Choose The Right Shapewear?

The market shelves are full of numerous shapewear options, but not every product out there is ideal for you. Think about it. What features should you really consider before selecting your shaping garment? It’s true that the ‘right’ shapewear must give that perfect smoothness to your body but at the same time, it must also let you stay comfortable in it, for long hours.

A shapewear’s fitting should be just tight enough to give your frame the ‘right’ curves yet flexible enough to help you step out in confidence. To make your selection process simpler, here are some shapewear dos and don’ts that’ll help you make the right choice!


1. Do not ditch the measuring tape:

You may be quite tempted to choose a shapewear product in a lower size, for extra firmness and better shaping results, but this is one of the biggest shapewear mistakes. Opting for a smaller size will only lead to bulge spill-overs and utter discomfort. In fact, a major side-effect is that you may even look bigger and who wants that?

So, the first thing to do is to visit a store and try on a shapewear to see how comfortable it makes you feel. Follow the shapewear size chart, subscribed by the shapewear brand. Measure yourself with a measuring tape, record the measurements and look upon the chart. Dermawear has special inch tape (kind of a shapewear size calculator) created with size markings. These are available in all of the 5000+ retail stores. Just ask the shopkeeper for the same and make a clear, easy choice! Remember that every brand may have a different size chart. So, double check whether you’ve tried on the right shapewear size and style. It’s a great bonus that Dermawear also allows you to customize shapewear based on your size. You can see click on the CUSTOMIZE button (in our online store) on the product page.

2. Choose a product based on your shaping needs:

Everybody is different and not one shapewear formula can fit all. Medium constriction shapewear is best suited for smoothening (E.g. Dermawear’s Ambre Body Shaper) whereas strong constriction styles (E.g. Dermawear’s Full Body Corset) are to transform the figure completely. Even when a brand doesn’t specify the goal of a product, you can find that out by seeing and touching its fabric and compression level. A lightweight fabric that easily slips through the hands and has high nylon content is best suited for shaping. Heavy shapewear options have compression zones that help to suck and tuck the flab. Dermawear products are made of a masterful blend of Cotton, Synthetic & Elastane. Our premium range is made of imported fabric that is very thin and flexible on the body.


3. Opt for styles as per your body parts:

When it comes to body shapers, you’ll need to create a special ‘body shaping wardrobe’ that caters to different occasions and needs. Like Dermawear’s Tummy Tight works magic on Men’s stomach firming but the Zenrik Everyday is a daily wear vest for torso contouring, that fetches a ‘slim-fit’ look.

For women, high waist panty style shapewear options that reach up to the bust are best suited for covering the flab in the abdomen area. If you are looking for shaping pieces to target both waistline and thighs, opt for high-waist tights. Not only do they offer good compression but also give the illusion of a well-shaped, flab-less lower body. A full bodysuit will offer a streamlined look from top to bottom and will also save you the hassle of looking for separate pieces to complement each other. Browse Dermawear products based on target-area.


4. Choose shapewear based on weather:

Yes, you read it right. Different fabrics suit better for different weathers. These days shapewear collections are made up of nylon and spandex as the main fabrics. While they work well for the most part of the year, they do not suit well for very hot weather as they are not breathable. The right shapewear for summer must have cotton as one of the constituents. Dermawear offers summer shapewear products that have moisture-wicking properties and are designed to support breathability. You’ll always stay comfortable and at ease in our shaping pieces.

While shapewear works really well, making the right choice is important for the best results. We hope our suggestions helped you with your shapewear shopping!

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