How To Determine Your Perfect Sports Bra

Did you know that wearing the wrong bra size could affect not just your comfort but cause damage to your breast tissue as well? But don’t worry! Now that we are here, we’ll guide you all the way through support, fitting and construction to help you find that perfect fit. So Let’s get started!

How To Determine What level Of Support Do You Need?

There are three different levels of support a Sports Bra offers i.e. of low, medium, and high impact. To determine what type you need depends on your cup size and the purpose for which you need a sports bra. Let’s have a look at the varieties :



Low impact ones are ideal for activities that involve lesser movement of your breasts like Walking, yoga, strength training. While those with medium impact activities are:  Dancing, skiing and cycling.

Construction: These sports bras type typically involve no cups and restricts movement by compressing the breasts tightly against the wall of the chest.



High impact ones are those that involve activities like Running, aerobics, mountain biking.

Construction: High impact bras have a defined cup structure just like the regular bras.


The Perfect Fitting Guide to Sports Bra 

Step 1: Rib cage measurement:  Use a tape to measure around your rib cage beneath your breasts. Ensure the tape is loose enough to fit two fingers underneath. 

Step 2: The table below would help you find your corresponding band size based on your rib cage measurement.

Rib cage  Band size

25" - 27"                 30

27" - 29"                 32

29" - 31"                 34

31" - 33"                 36

33" - 35"                 38

35" - 37"                 40

37" - 39"                 42

39" - 41"                 44

Step 3: Bust measurement: In this step, you need to measure around the fullest part of your breast keeping the tape not so tight. 

Step 4: Now, from your rib cage measurement subtract your bust measurement. There you go! The difference is your cup size. Round up in case of in-between measurement.


Additional Tips for Getting that Perfect Fit:

Now that you’ve learnt how to determine what size sports bra will exactly fit you, we’ll now suggest some additional tips to ensure you get the best of what you deserve. Let’s get you going!

Not Too Tight: I know we mentioned that a sports bra should be tighter than a regular bra but keep in mind that it shouldn’t restrict breathing.  Make sure you’re able to fit two fingers between the straps and your shoulders.

Smooth Cup Fabric: The cup fabric should be smooth. Any wrinkles means the cup is too big. Whereas bulging out of the cup means, it’s too small.

Underwires Should Be Flatly Placed: Any underwire should lay flat just like those regular bras. Any space means it’s not the perfect fit for you.

Adjust The Strap: If you raise your hands over your heads and the band rises up it’s a sign of a bigger size and that it possibly needs adjusting.

Check the Support: We suggest you move around, stretch a little bit before finalizing the bra. Your breasts will feel secure and comfortable and not move too much with the right kind of sports bra. 

Now that you know how to determine that perfect fit of your sports bra, we hope you are now ready to buy that perfect sports bra of yours!

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