How To Dress To Make Yourself Look Slimmer

Did you just spend the entire day pairing that top with that jeans or that dress with that shrug hoping to make yourself look slimmer? Well that is not what you need! You need hacks that’ll not just make you look slimmer but will give you a more confident and a sexy look that you’ve been craving all this while. So without any further delay, let’s dive into those hacks. Shall we?

High Rise Jeans:

High waist jeans when combined with tucked-in loose tops or shirts wouldn’t just act as a cover for your waist fat and give you a slimmer look but also make you look tall, slender and confident. So get in those ankle length high rise jeans straight into your wardrobe!


Embrace Black:

They are right when they say, black makes you look slimmer. Hence, despite your love for colours, I’d suggest, invest in some good black clothing that’ll definitely guarantee you a slimmer look.


Long Maxi Skirts:

Long single coloured maxi skirts when paired with a tucked in t-shirt or a full-sleeve crop top with a proper belt can give you a leaner and a slimmer look. Wear it with a comfortable pair of wedges to give your body a lift up look. Additionally, a high messy bun will definitely add glamour to this look. 


Invest in a Shapewear:

A good shapewear can do wonders when it comes to taming your body fat around prominent regions such as the hip, thighs and your lower belly. Invest in a good shapewear and we assure you, you won’t regret. You’ll be slimmer, smarter and more confident!


A Good Innerwear:

Innerwears are a prominent part of our everyday look. A good inner wear gives an extra edge to your entire outfit. Hence it’s time to discard that sloppy innerwear that gives that unnecessary extra attention to your bulges. Instead, go for the full coverage ones that’ll make the outfit look more sexier!


V- Neck Dress:

The day I wear a v-neck dress, my colleagues say that I’ve lost weight. Nope it’s not true! It’s the sheer illusion that the v-neck dress creates by exposing the collar bones that gives a slimmer look. Pair it with a high ponytail to give yourself a more enhanced stylish look. 



Now let’s talk about accessories! Wearing light statement jewellery not just adds glamour to your overall dressing pattern but it also distracts the attention of the viewer from anything that is unwanted. Also, while choosing waist belts, make sure you choose the darker and thinner ones that’ll make you look slimmer.


Last But Not the Least: Shoes:

When it comes to shoes, always wear what’s comfortable to you. A heel however, gives a slight lift to the body making you appear taller, which also gives a slimmer appearance. Be it wedges or the pointed heels, always choose what suits your comfort best!


So now that we’ve revealed all the hacks, its time for you to try them out and embrace the slimmer and the stylish version of you!

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