How To Increase Immunity Naturally?

It’s been six months since the Covid 19 or Coronavirus was declared a global pandemic by WHO (World Health Organisation). Although all the countries have tried their best to contain this virus, the count of people affected by it has been way too much.

Along with the precautions mentioned by the Government such as wearing masks, social distancing and sanitizing your hands regularly, boosting your immunity by following a balanced diet, regular workouts and adequate sleep would do you a whole world of good.

In this blog, we’ll help you understand some of the basic things you can do to boost your immunity naturally which would in turn help you fight against various viruses and diseases.


We literally cannot stress this enough, the fastest and sure shot way of boosting your immunity and metabolism is by following a well-balanced diet. This not only means including foods with different vitamins and proteins in your diet but also adhering to that diet in the long run.

One thing which would help you do so is preparing a diet that is not only rich in vitamins and minerals but also complements your taste buds. It is only logical that you’d strictly follow the diet only if you like it and are not forcing it upon yourself.

Stay Hydrated

Arguably one of the things that can so easily be taken for granted, drinking adequate amounts of water throughout the day would not only help you improve your immunity system but also flush out all the toxins from your skin thereby giving you a clearer and fresher looking skin.

Studies have shown that the adequate amount of water required by an average human is anywhere between 8-10 glasses per day. You may also occasionally drink juices and coconut water but you should be careful not to substitute them in place of water.

Sleep Well

With our lives becoming fast paced and tedious amounts of work coming our way it may be quite easy for us to limit our sleep to the bare minimum and survive on caffeine. Although it may sound as a good idea in the short term, its effects are long term and quite dangerous.

Not only are you not allowing your body to rest and replenish but you’re also getting addicted to caffeine which has some serious health dangers. You should ideally get a snooze time of anywhere between 7-8 hours daily which would not only help your bodily functions perform properly but also have a direct impact on your immunity.


There’s no denying the fact that these are stressful times. From work related issues to personal ones, stress plays a major role in harming your immunity making you prone to deadly viruses. Improving your physical health is directly related to your mental wellbeing which can be developed through meditation.

But meditation is not the only way you can relax yourself. Something as simple as doing what you like, it may be painting, travelling or playing some sport. Do whatever takes your mind off things and gives you pleasure.

Exercise Regularly

Working out regularly would go a long way in not only keeping you healthy but also improving your immunity as well as your metabolism. You just have to take out 30 to 45 minutes daily and workout. It may be HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) or something as basic as jogging or walking at a brisk pace.

With this virus having such a widespread and dreadful effect, it is only logical that we start taking our health seriously. Keeping the above mentioned tips in mind, we start improving our immunity system and lead a healthier life.

Here’s to wishing you a healthier and happier life!!!

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