3 Stunning Saree Hacks To Make You Look Slim

Sarees are undoubtedly one of the most if not the most popular ethnic outfits. The grace and charm that it exudes is simply unmatched. While a saree can make you look drop-dead gorgeous, if not styled properly it can also make you look puffy. Due to this single reason, many women often avoid wearing sarees and instead opt for a salwar suit.

But what if we tell you that need not be the case? Using some simple hacks and styling tips, you can adorn a saree without any hassle. So, in this blog, we’ll let you know 3 essential tips that will not only make you stand out in a crowd while wearing a saree, but also help you look slimmer.

Use Lengthy Blouse

Probably one of the simplest yet effective hacks, donning a lengthy blouse would ensure that your tummy isn’t exposed while exuding a classy appeal. To make the most out of this traditional attire, ensure that you’re wearing a well-cut and well-fitting blouse. Too tight and it would expose all your bulges while too loose can end up making you look unshapely.

Invest in a Quality Women’s Saree Petticoat

Needless to say, petticoats are one of the supporting items of a saree that can end up making you look puffy. So, it becomes all the more necessary to invest in a saree petticoat for women that is slim while allowing you to freely walk in them. While you’re looking to buy saree petticoats for women, ensure that you follow the same fitting rules that apply to the blouse- i.e., neither too tight nor too loose. However, if hips are an area of concern for you, opting for a saree shapewear would be a much better idea.

Include Saree Shapewear to Your Wardrobe

Simply put, saree shapewear are inner garments that look like long skirts and are generally made of stretchable fabrics. Unlike traditional petticoats, they are body-hugging garments that contour your figure and provide you a curvy silhouette. Since women’s saree shapewears come with medium compression, they contour your flabby areas near the tummy and thighs while ensuring they are comfortable for an all-day wear.

Unlike other tummy saree shapewears available online, our selection features removable drawstrings that are capable of holding any saree weight. It also comes with side slits to ensure ease of movement.  Add to that the mermaid fit that defines your curves, and you’ve got an ideal garment to help you steal the show every time you adorn a saree. 

What’s more? The varied colour options present on our site ensure that there is something for every occasion and preference. Also, if you’re still having some doubts regarding them, you could simply check out our saree shapewear guide. So, what are you waiting for? Bid adieu to all your fears of adorning a saree and start shopping for Dermawear’s Saree Shapewear today!

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