Size Guide: How To Select The Right Size Of Shapewear

Many of us often pause before buying a shapewear mostly because we are unsure about which size to select. We wonder whether the garment will really fit us if we buy a ‘comfortable’ size or should we go for a slightly tighter one to give us the right amount of compression. But how much compression is really ‘RIGHT’?


Have you been getting these thoughts lately? Then, you have reached the right place. In this blog, we will discuss all your size selection woes to help you confidently purchase our Shapewear online on our website!



 First things first. Are you trying a Dermawear Shapewear product for the first time? If yes, then we recommend you start your shapewear wardrobe with one product at a time. In fact, you can find the nearest retail outlet here (we have over 8000 of them) and ask the shopkeeper for Dermawear’s special inch tape. This will make your life so much easier! Simply, check your measurements on the front side of the tape and then look behind on the other side for your size marker. Voila! You’ll get a perfect size! 

You can also select our product for different sizes using standard inch tapes available in the market. 



 Check your measurements as guided below and select the closest product size.

•   Men’s torso & abdomen shaping products (like Zenrik Everyday), measure the area around the chest.
•   Waist-Hips-Legs shaping products have different measurements for each part. Refer individual product page for size selecting guidelines.
•   Full Body Shapers – Measure your size around the naval area and map it with the size guide.
•   Bust shaping products– Check measurement of the below-the-bust area (above the diaphragm).
•   Abdomen Shapers for Women– Measure your size around the naval area.
•   Utilities – Measure head area for the Crown band and calf area for Neecap. 
Please note that many of our products provide varied compression at different places. Example, Zenrik-G has 3X compression on the chest area, the Slimmer has 3X compression at the waist etc. So, it’s recommended that you check the size guide on individual product pages. Read the shapewear features to know whether works for your body contouring needs. You may also want to read about “How to Use Shapewear to Target Specific Body Parts?” or “Everything You Need To Know About Men's Shapewear”.
You’ll be happy to know that Dermawear understands that every person’s body is unique in proportions and offers a CUSTOMIZE option for each product. It will be visible to you under CUSTOMIZATION.
Dermawear is a tight-fitting garment, hence it is essential that you buy the correct size. Here are a few more things to keep in mind while selecting sizes for Dermawear products:
1. Never select the size of products corresponding to your usual top, bra, jeans, shirt or trouser sizes. All brands have different size-guides and what is Large for one brand might be a Medium or XL for another. So, always refer to our measurement instructions that are provided in the description area of individual products.
2. Don’t try to buy a smaller size assuming “higher the compression, faster the result”. Shapewear doesn’t work that way! Either you won’t be able to fit into the garment or you won’t be able to wear it for more than an hour. For an all-day office seminar, you must factor in your comfort levels. Zenrik Everyday is perfect for such occasions. Moderate compression, super comfort, and high mobility.
3. Purpose – If you are buying a shapewear for specific occasions, you must keep in mind the amount of mobility you require. For instance, bridal shapewear shouldn’t be too high on compression as it will be difficult to move around in it all day. With tight (lower size shapewear), you might feel discomfort or breathlessness, especially during the wedding dance. Then there is also the wedding buffet to think about! You eat too much and the shaping garment may prove too tight on your tummy. We advise you to wear the chosen shapewear once or twice before any big event to know your comfort levels in the garment.
To learn how to select the perfect size for any of our products, refer our comprehensive Size Chart or refer the sizing guidelines provided below individual product page.
                                                                                       Happy Shopping!

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