5 Reasons To Start Using Shapewear


Shapewear isn't a new trend that's suddenly popped up on everyone's radar. This type of clothing has been in use for ages but today everyone wants to try on this garment!

In the past, shape wears available in the market were difficult to wear, very uncomfortable to move around in and not suitable for Indian ‘curvy’ body types. As time went by, both men shapewear and women shapewear became more efficient and perfected. In fact, the collection designed by our brand Dermawear Shapewear is one of the finest examples of how fabric technology and fashion needs can be merged!

We've finally reached the era of AMAZING SHAPEWEARS with a large variety of it available in the market - something for every occasion and every problem-area. From tummy tuckers & bust lifters to shaping briefs & full body suits, this #1 wardrobe essential for men & women is here to solve all types of fitting vows!

Here are the top five reasons how wearing shape wears can help you!


Of course, this doesn't apply to men shapewear. Anyway, did you know that shapewear can provide bust support? It's true, and there are some types of shapewear like the ‘underbust style’ shaper that can comfortably support your breasts. Some of these women shapewear styles are longer and they end right below your bra (Dermawear Bracer) while others give coverage exactly like a bra (Dermawear Ally or Dermawear Frolic) but with enhanced features.


Like, Dermawear’s bust support shape wear, also known as the LSR Range (Lift, Shape & Reduce), helps in giving shape to oversized breasts and is useful in lifting the sagging bust line. This style gives the shapewear the ability to push and lift your bust, while simultaneously giving you a slim look!


Finally, a category where men shapewear shares the same properties as shapewear for women!

Did you ever go to the gym and see someone wearing a tight piece of clothing that looks familiar but you just couldn't understand what it is? If yes, then you were looking at someone wearing an ‘active’ shape wear!Under the layers, a good Shapewear constantly exercises your fat tissues and help toning of torso, abdomen or hips. Dermawear Zenrik Everyday is a perfect example for this. It is a compression vest that supports weak and/or bulgy abdominal muscles and quickly reduces your measurement.

When you wear them for extended period of time, shape wears ‘work' on the muscles to strengthen them. So, if you want to improve your muscle strength, you'll need to wear shapewear regularly.


Shapewear is designed to fit your body perfectly AND CORRECTLY. They redistribute fat stored around your body while keeping your muscles exactly where they should be. Due to this, shapewear keeps your spine straight as an arrow. Through regular use, you body will get used to keeping your spine ‘straight’ and be in the correct standing posture, which makes shapewear an excellent choice to fix back issues!

Additionally, you can use shapewear during workouts to support your back and spine.


Aren't happy with how you look and want to do something about it, but it's taking too long? We've all been there. Working out every day but not seeing any noticeable results can be tough. That's why you should use shapewear to help you out!

Shapewear can provide results instantly and fetch you a definite confidence boost; something you truly need to push through difficult periods. You won't feel bad about how you look once you start wearing shapewear and you'll get a rough example of how you'll look once the weight loss process is complete!


Most women don’t feel comfortable with the level of cellulite in their body,  especially during occasions when dresses fail to flatter their silhouettes.

Cellulite is a tough battle to win for most women as it takes ages to disappear. However, there is a superb hack available to you and it's called SHAPEWEAR!

An effective shape wear will not only help smoothen your contours correctly but would also redistribute the fat in the body and tighten the skin. How?

For example, Dermawear Shapewear products are made of superior fabric, whose ribs & mesh uses the natural body movements of the wearer and micro-massages their skin & fat cells (sub-dermal adipose tissues). This action stimulates micro-circulation in the body leading to venous drainage of excess fat & extraneous material. With continuous use, this process could help you get rid of visible cellulite (at least partially)!

Isn’t that wonderful?! So, what are you waiting for?

Browse our collection of Dermawear Shapewear to look stylish in every attire! Do check out our Size Guide before making your purchase.

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