Look Your Best On Your Wedding Day With Bridal Shapewear!

Have you chosen the dream dress for your big day? Are you worried about bulges or problem areas in your body showing and spoiling the look for your dress? Do not worry! we have all been there. Most women choose to wear shapewear beneath their wedding dress, it is just not talked about so frequently.

If all you have thought all these years is that the PERFECT wedding look is by virtue of the perfect dress, you are probably in for a surprise. Most brides indulge in shapewear that maybe a smoothing garment, corset or a flattening panty.

A good choice of shapewear will not only make you look flawless on your big day but also take your confidence notches higher. It is not only about feeling slim or shaped but also about the overall fit of your dress or to prevent creasing.

To help you out with the selection of Bridal Shapewear, here are some points you need to remember in order to choose the ideal bridal shapewear:


Style of the dress plays an important role: The type of shaping garment you need will depend greatly on the style of your dress. Deep cut blouses, for instance, will need something with a deep back or you may need a bust BRACER or a MINI ABDOMEN CORSET with a gown.

  • Choose shapewear in the shade closest to your outfit: The most common mistake that brides make is to choose a colour of innerwear matching with their skin tone. This makes the innerwear noticeable if the dress slips by chance. Dermawear Shapewear is your ideal bridal buddy as our shaping garments come in camouflage shades of Skin & Cream.
  • Go Seamless: The shapewear is, of course, your secret and you do not want the seams peeping out. You must look for invisible seam options that do not let your secret out. Our Premium Collection incorporates invisible seamless tailoring with imported light wear fabric, that ensures no-show appearance and comfortable mobility.
  • Do not make the common fabric mistakes: It is the best to opt for soft and soothing fabrics that do not dig into your skin. Nylon or spandex are good choices of fabric and fine microfibers work great towards smoothing. But what’s best is a combination of Cotton & Synthetic that all Dermawear products are crafted of. Features like moisture control, 4-D stretch and measured compression give our Customers a superior experience - just the kind you need on your wedding day!
  • Select based on your body type: When it comes to shapewear, not one style suits all. It is best to choose based on your body shape. For instance, high-waisted panty style shapers work well for pear-shaped bodies whereas apple-shaped bodies are better off with shaping bras (ALLY) and CAMI CORSETS


Choose based on the fabric of your dress: How your problem areas appear in your wedding dress will depend greatly on the fabric. It is a good idea to try the outfit, identify the areas you need to smoothen and then choose shapewear. This is why selecting your bridal shapewear is an awesome experience on Dermawear website, we give target-area wise product showcase. You’ll instantly know what’ll work for YOU!

Choose the right size: While you may be tempted into buying a lower size to look slimmer, it is the worst you can do to your comfort. Very tight shapewear will be very uncomfortable when you have to go in-&-out of several dresses during your wedding celebrations – wedding, reception, after-party. It can be taxing if you are not at your comfortable best! So, it’s best to measure yourself and go strictly by the size chart before making a choice.

If you put in some time considering and analyzing based on these points, you are not too far from the perfect wedding shapewear!

Dermawear manufactures a wide collection of amazing shapewear that’s perfect for a flawless shape on your wedding day. With the right blend of the most comfortable fabrics, seamless designs and comprehensive size charts, we offer a wide range of shapewear options for all body types. Economic options that’ll will help you come out as a DIVA on your big day.

Happy slaying with your bridal looks!

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