Men’s Shapewear: Best Wardrobe Investment For Today’s Men!

Slipping into slim-fit tees & shirts are easy now!

With slimmer body shapers for Men.

Traditionally body shapers have been a part of Women’s clothes closet in forms of waist-trimming corsets or curvaceous tights. So, it is natural to wonder what kind of shapewear garments could there be for Men? Well, Dermawear is here to change the age-old perception that shaping needs of Men are any lesser than that of Women. 

Our range of Men’s Shapers is not only a front runner in the innerwear (or shapewear) industry but is also opening up a fresh segment of long-wear body shapers that are replacing regular-use vests and shorts in Men’s wardrobes. If you are not sure whether you need shapewear but are thinking about getting one, here are some of the Men's Shapewear benefits to help you decide:

Confidence - It is often seen that Men who wear tummy shapers or shaping vests appear more confident. Wearing the right Men's shapers can make one look toned, ‘in-charge’ and ‘fit’. This lends a new dimension of self-confidence to the go-getting, ambitious contemporary Men. There are many types of body shapers available in the market that are developed to target specific body areas such as tummy shapers for Men, abdomen toners, torso vests, and tights. If confused about what to buy, you can surely depend on Dermawear’s shaping products! Browse our entire Men's Shapewear Collection here.

Comfort - Dermawear body shapers for Men are made with 4D-stretch SuperKnit fabric, that allows for maximum mobility. In fact, our products (Eg. Zenrik Everyday Vests) are tailored for all-day wear! The unique blend of Elastane, Micropoly & Cotton materials makes our products very breathable, soft, and comfortable to wear. These easy-to-maintain, machine washable Men's shapers are designed to give the right amount of compression, for giving an evenly toned appearance.

Fitting - Increasingly Men are opting for slim-fit shirts as their office or party wear attires. But there is a huge percentage of Men who have poncho-waists or uneven abdomen regions. They find it difficult to get into slim-fit shirts. This issue can be easily resolved with the use of Dermawear Everyday Vests. They have compressive-fit that gives definition to your torso and a toned appearance. Who wouldn’t want to confidently stroll into a meeting, party or interview and present their best aspects to the world? To be our best, we do need to look our best! And wearing well-fitted clothes is the first step towards it.

Trimming & Toning - If you are into gymming, jogging or any other form of workout, opting for slimmer body shaper for Men can prove to be a great decision for you. While you sweat it out, these shaping garments can support your fitness goals all through the day. You’ll feel more ‘contoured’ in them and as you start moving into smaller sized shirts (with the help of Dermawear’s Zenrik Tummy Tight or V-Shaper), you’ll get an additional boost of encouragement to lose some more weight!

Dermawear’s range of body shaper for Men has a variety of offerings, from tummy shaping Tights & daily wear Vests to Brief-styled abdomen shapers & Gynecomastia Vests. Some people feel embarrassed to tell others that they use any form of slimmer body shapers (for Men). Which is why our shapewear products come in discreet colors, mostly in Skin shade. It easily camouflages itself under any shirt or tee. Why not start with trying one product and see how you feel? If you are trying to build a positive body image, it is surely worth the investment!

Happy Shopping!

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