How To Wear Saree Shapewear With Modern Outfits

There was a time, where only celebrities owned and used Shapewear. Cut to 2020, Shapewear have become one of the staple garments in almost everyone’s wardrobe. The smoothing and body sculpting features provided by them are loved and desired by all. They could be worn under multiple outfits and a svelte, slimmer look would be obtained.

The advent of saree shapewear for women has taken these features one notch up. Women can now flaunt their curves by just replacing the traditional saree petticoat with saree shapewear. It comprises all the regular features of a petticoat with added benefits of a shapewear.

Sounds great right? But that is not all. You can even pair it with other modern outfits to see its magic work on your lower body. In this blog, we will help you understand how you can pair the saree shapewear with your favourite outfits.


Planning to wear the trendy lehengas at your friend’s sangeet? Go for a matching saree shapewear that would not only help you flaunt your curves, but also give you that desired mermaid shape.

If you are going for a lighter coloured lehenga, be sure to check that the colour of your saree shapewear does not contrast to it. Since there are so many colour options available, try to go for shapewear that compliments your lehenga.


Nothing ruins a wedding outfit more than a few muffin tops here and there. Avoid this by pairing a saree shapewear to the elegant gown and get that drop-dead gorgeous look going for you on your big day.

The side slit present in the it ensures that you have free unrestricted movement, so that you can walk the aisle with charm and grace.


Finally, the classic ethnic outfit. Traditional petticoats can seem to be a bit puffy and therefore not provide you the required compression. But with the saree shapewear and its targeted compression, your entire ensemble looks classic and chic.

The body-hugging fit and a sturdy waistband ensures that you enjoy your day without any hassles.

We hope that this blog has helped you pair a saree shapewear alongside your favourite outfits. If you are looking for a saree shapewear online that not only helps you look great but is also super-comfortable, then look no further than Dermawear’s range of trendy saree shapewear.

Available in multiple colours, these saree shapewears are designed with lightweight and stretchable fabric like polyester and spandex that ensure maximum mobility. Unlike other saree shapewears, it comes with a removable drawstring that is capable of holding any saree weight.

Add to that the mermaid fit with targeted compression and you have got one of the best saree shapewear in India. You can also avail to a flat 10% discount by applying the promo code PREPAID. So, what are you waiting for? Hover on to our collection of stylish Saree Shapewear and choose your favourite one today!

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