Shapewear For Men Vs Shapewear For Women

With a lot of celebrities and stars openly endorsing the miracles that body shapers perform, there is an increasing demand for Women's shapewear world wide. Shapewear has become a wardrobe essential for many people today who aspire to get a perfectly curved figure and rock their figure-hugging cocktail dresses. From bust shapers and hip shapers to waist shapers and tummy shapers, Women's shapewear pieces come in a lot of different styles apt for handling different problem areas.

Not just Women, even Men these days have started enjoying the extra boost of confidence that shapewear garments provide and Dermawear shapewear is a pioneer in this space in India. Our Men’s Shapewear pieces like Zenrik Everyday Vests, V-Shaper and Tummy Tight are stirring up quite a demand in the market!

It's very natural for a man to want to appear fit and feel confident in his clothes. It grants him an X-factor edge and for this is where Men's shapewear comes into play. Even those having love handles, paunches or ‘man-boobs’ have an option of looking lean and attractive. Most of the Dermawear’s Men's shapewear garments are designed for all-day wear that’s comfortable and mobility-friendly. 
Yes, this is a relatively newer concept than Women's shapewear and hence, there aren’t a lot many options with respect to styles or brands in the market yet. Men's shapewear comes with similar benefits like Women’s such as dropping 1-2 inches instantly, giving a smooth compressive finish to abs or torso, and improving back posture.
Men's shapewear gears have undoubtedly started to gain momentum in the market and are slowly making their way into every man's wardrobe. Dermawear Shapewear is one of the first ones to put Men's shaping products on the fashion map. Why not browse our collection and try them out for yourself!
Our Men's shapewear collection is focused on the torso part of the body so far. But we are working on developing a more diversified line of Men’s shapewear soon. As of yet, our Men's range comprises of products like Shaping Vests (for entire torso and back), V-Shaper (that ‘controls’ the lower abdomen region), and Tummy Tight (tummy reducers) for Men. These body shaping garments come with different compression levels have been expertly curated to help men eliminate unwanted bulges and have an athletic or streamlined physique – surely a boon when it comes to getting into slim-fit shorts and tees!
And when it comes to Women's shapewear, Dermawear is already considered a trendsetting and leading brand in this space. From bust shapers for Women to hip shapers and waist shapers to full body shapers, you name your problem area, and we have got a solution for you! As a brand, we acknowledge the fact that Women's clothing needs differ from Men in so many aspects. The sheer variety of styles and fabric options are mind-boggling. Whether you need shapewear to wear underneath your cocktail dress, work clothes, regular clothes like jeans and a T-shirt, or traditional clothes like sarees and lehengas, you’ll always find a perfect piece in our e-store. Enough styles and sizes are there for you to create your own shapewear wardrobe!
Here are two key differences in Dermawear’s product ranges for Men & Women:
1. Customizations – At present, we offer Customize option for Women’s shapewear only as Men’s Vests and abdomen shapers don’t require many variations. One major plus point of Dermawear shaping products is that you’ll never see “Out of Stock” prompt for any of our products! So, you can simply select your size (S to 3XL) and hit ‘Buy’, and the product would reach you quickly!
2. All Dermawear Shapewear garments are made of the superlative quality fabric that’s skin-friendly, breathable, and stretchable (4D stretch). However, for our Women customers, we have developed a special line of Premium Shapewear that’s thin, feather light and ‘seamless’, apt for party gowns and thin attires. Our male customers need not worry though, as all our body shapers are made for comfortable irritation-free wear. The fabric composition and tailoring technique we use in our products are some of our best features!
Irrespective of your gender, we are a one-stop destination for shapewear needs. After reading this, don’t you think you got THE perfect gift idea for your loved one's or yourself? Don’t wait more and kick start your ‘confident body’ journey with Dermawear Shapewear.

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