Should You Wear A Bra While Sleeping?

Ladies, have you come across articles that tell you it’s harmful to wear bras while sleeping? I’m sure that for every woman who has come across such an article there will be another woman who has read that it’s beneficial to wear bras while sleeping. So who’s right here? Well we are here to solve your dilemma, not entirely but we’ll lay down the facts for you and then you can decide for yourself.

Well first things first, there is no right or wrong here, it just boils down to personal preference. There are many facts circulating that sleeping with a bra on, has many beauty as well as health benefits. While there is no evidence on the beauty part or the health part there are many ill-effects of wearing them to sleep.

It hinders Your Blood Circulation.

Do you need a bigger or more significant reason than that?  If the bra you’re wearing is underwire it gets tight against your skin compressing the pectoral muscles (muscles of the chest wall). Because of this, it prevents the blood flow to other nerves present in your arms and other areas of the body. Lack of blood circulation results in cramps and dizziness.

Skin Irritation.

While it’s true that wearing a bra while sleeping might make you feel that your bust is supported, if the bra’s elastic band or wire is in contact with the skin, the skin may feel scratchy or sore as the underwire can tend to dig in your tender skin. This may also result in colour pigmentation or may develop spots.

Lesser Sleep.

There’s no big a bummer if you can’t get enough sleep. Putting on a tight bra while sleeping can arise discomfort or restlessness. A slight constriction may cause uneasiness resulting to a troubled sleep? So the only thing you have to ask here is, is it worth risking your sleep for?

Health Complications.

While there is no proof that wearing a bra to sleep can cause breast cancer, a wrong type or size can be catastrophic to your health. It may lead to Lymphatic Blockage, that is constraining lymph nodes present in the breast and underarm area which drains out the toxic waste out of our body. Improper functioning of lymph nodes can negatively impact all the organs of the body.

So coming to the question, should you wear it to sleep? Well as we said it at the beginning, it all boils down to personal preference. It does have quite a bit of health complications so, if you’re comfortable with it, loosen the bra and have a good night’s sleep. Although women who feel uncomfortable to go to sleep without wearing a bra, we have just one advice for you- wear a bra which is made of soft and breathable material so that nothing can affect your “Good Night’s Sleep”.

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