Should You Wear A Shapewear Post-Partum?

Life after a new-born changes considerably, especially for a mother. There’s a rush of emotions, your body is still recovering, and you’re overwhelmed with joy. One of the concerns you have now is about your body shape. The fact is only some of the women actually regain their body shape after childbirth. Sadly, not all of us can be those women. 

So comes the much important question, Can you wear Shapewears? How long should you wait before it’s safe to incorporate those Girdles and Shapewears in your daily-wear again? In this blog we’re going to answer these questions, so that you could rather enjoy your time with your new-born instead of fretting over what you should be wearing. 

Can you wear Shapewear?

You might’ve seen many celebrities flaunting their perfect figure soon after they give birth. Trust me, these toned body figures are not just miracles that happen overnight. They require some assistance and that’s where Shapewears or Body Shapers come into the picture. These Shapewears help tone the loose skin, excess body fat, the extra bulges and the paunches thereby giving the perfect shape that you desire. But the major problem with this is, because of its compression levels, it may give rise to some undesired complications.

You can however opt for a moderate compression Shapewear, which would not be overwhelming for your sensitive uterus. Avoid going for anything with hooks or zippers, as they can cause some discomfort or irritation. You can check out our Unigrip Abdomen Shapewear especially designed for Women Post-delivery. It’s an adjustable compression garment, to provide you with optimal support to help you strengthen and tone your muscles. 

Are Shapewears really necessary?

Well, it all boils down to your personal comfort. Shapewears not only make you look good, but they also help you feel more comfortable. Not only does a body shaper boost your confidence it also helps you overcome the much dreaded “Post Baby Pooch”. It’s the last bit of your tummy that sticks out even after you have lost your baby weight. No matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to get rid of this. In such cases, it is highly recommended that you wear Shapewears that not only help you counter this, but also aid your body, return to its pre-pregnancy glamour. 

After delivery, your abdomen is deflated and it may take a long time for your muscles to contract and regain the shape it had pre-pregnancy. Including a Body shaper in your closet and your daily-wear would help you train your muscles to recover faster, thus giving you the confidence to rock the apparels and outfits that you treasure so much. It also works wonders, when it comes to improving your posture, by broadening your shoulders and making you sit up straight with that “Proud Momma” demeanour.

How long should you wait?

The most important query, this is a much debated question with some pretty mixed views over it. We generally advise our customers to start wearing our Unigrip Abdomen Shapewear after 45 days of Normal delivery and 60 days of C-Section just to be on the safe side. However, it’s also recommended to consult your doctor before you start wearing them. Once you’re comfortable with it and think that you can switch to a body shaper with higher compression levels, you can always switch to our Tummy Reducer, Mini Shaper or any other Shapewear that you deem suitable for you.  

So, go ahead and savor this special moment, while we take care of you to help you “Shape up with Confidence”

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