Shapewear Conundrum: How Can You Stop Your Shapewear From Rolling Over?

Shapewears have come a long way, from just a celebrity fad to a garment that can be found in almost everyone’s wardrobe. Body Shapers are looked upon as life savers as it goes that extra mile to make you look at your gorgeous best for those special occasions. But does your favourite Shapewear has any repercussions? 

Consider this, you’re all prepped up for a special evening that lies ahead of you. You’re wearing your favourite dress. To make the evening a more memorable one you’re wearing a Shapewear that not only complements your silhouette but also makes you feel confident about yourself. Just as you’re settling down you feel some uneasiness with your outfit. You realise that the Shapewear that you chose to maximise your beauty, keeps rolling over or moving too much creating an uncomfortable situation.

Shapewears rolling over may be caused due to a number of reasons, the most common being you choosing a Shapewear of wrong size. Be as what the reason may, there is nothing more bumming than a Shaper rolling over, ruining your night ahead. So coming to the most important question, are there any Shapewear hacks you can use, so as to keep Shapewear from rolling over? Of course there are, and we’ll be sharing some of them with you so that you can enjoy those special occasions without any hindrance. 


Need we say anything more? Studies have shown that a major reason for body shapers rolling over are because of its incorrect size. It’d be therefore safe to say that once you have chosen a Shapewear of a correct fit, half the battle is won. Why do we say only half the battle? Because not all bodies are the same, so the manner in which a Shapewear fits to every individual would be different. 

What’s also be seen is that there’s a perception that for getting quicker results, you should be opting for Shapewears of smaller size, bear through the pain and wear it for insanely long hours. If you’re someone with such an opinion, we hate to break it to you, you can’t be more wrong. A smaller size shaper does exactly the opposite of what it’s intended to do, it is likely to cause lumps and bulges making you look larger rather than slimmer. 


It’s pretty basic logic. Suppose you want to look that bit special for your evening and plan to apply some makeup. Would you apply foundation straightaway just after you had a bath? You wouldn’t right. Similarly wearing a Shapewear right after you had a bath is a bad idea. Your skin would be damp and clammy resulting in it sitting all wrong. Your Shapewear will start moving once your skin dries up causing all sorts of uncomfortable problems for you.

The simple and effective solution would be to wait, wait until your skin completely dries off and then you can effortlessly wear it. One other thing that you can try to make the Shapewear completely settle is do the Shapewear Dance! Wiggle, stretch, flex all you can, you may feel a bit weird, but trust me, it will help your body shaper to settle comfortably.


This need no further clarification, get this step wrong, and no matter what you do, your Shapewear is bound to roll over. A cheaper alternative may not have been designed or tested as per as the high standards of a quality Shapewear. Once you select a high quality Shapewear, there wouldn’t be many things that you’d have to concern yourselves with. Looking for a reliable and high quality Shapewear? You’ve come to the right place. We have a wide collection of high quality Women Shapewears, designed to keep you in shape without compromising on your comfort. You can count on our body shapers to keep you looking sublime while being super-comfy, so that you can focus more on having a great time rather than fussing about your ensemble.

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