The Purpose Of A Sports Bra

Why do I need a Sports Bra? This is one query that we are often riddled with, the general notion among women being that they require sports bra only while playing sports or doing heavy workouts which is not the case at all. 

The basic purpose of a sports bra is to provide support to the breast and hold it in one place minimizing the friction caused. From low intensity workouts like yoga to intense cross fit ones, a sports bra is needed and more importantly beneficial for all of them.

So what exactly is a Sports bra? Why is it so important to include them in your wardrobe essentials especially if you’re someone who’s always on the go? Read ahead in the blog to know all the answers!

What is a Sports Bra? 

Well, first things first, simply put a sports bra is a bra that provides support to your breasts, ensuring that there is no wear and tear caused to the breast tissues by the workout sessions. Contrary to the general conception a sports bra is not only useful for high impact workout sessions but low impact ones such as stretching or yoga as well. 

Why wear Sports Bra?

Do you need to wear a sports bra? Well, yes if you don’t want your breast tissues to be damaged. The support that a regular bra provides is just not enough to reduce the friction caused by the physical exercises that you perform.  Among some of the sports bra benefits one major one is that it keeps your breasts in one place, causing no friction between them due to the movement.

Since it is snugger than your regular bra, it reduces the movement if not diminishes it completely, so that the muscle ligaments remain in one place even during rigorous workout sessions.

Types of Sports Bra

Now based on the intensity of the workout that you’re planning to do you can choose from low/medium impact or high impact bras. The major difference between them is the level of compactness that they provide.

1. High Support- These types of Sports bras are ideal for high impact activities like cardio, skipping or aerobics. Sports bras with High support provide optimum support to enhance your performance during such workout sessions.

2. Medium/Low Support- Sports bras with Medium/Low support are apt for activities such as cycling, moderate hiking, yoga or strength training. These type of bras generally go a bit easy on the compression level and can be worn for longer periods of time.

Including a quality sports bra in your everyday essentials would go a long way, not only providing you with the optimum support but also preventing your chest tissues from any damage. Having doubts as to where you can find some quality sports? Look no further than Dermawear’s range of sporty and stylish sports bras. From Low/Medium to High Impact bras we have it all. Devoid of any hooks or zippers, its slip-on feature ensures that you don’t face any difficulty while wearing it.

Bid the old hooks and zippers goodbye and try on the slip-on Sports Bras by Dermawear and workout in style.

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