The Ultimate Chest Shaper For Men Suffering From Gynecomastia

What is Gynecomastia? 

‘Gynecomastia’ is referred to enlargement of the breast tissues in Men, caused by the built-up of glandular tissue within the breasts. This usually happens when there is an imbalance of hormones (estrogen & androgen) in the body. In some cases, this condition may occur due to the use of body-building steroids, over-the-counter medicines, illegal drugs, tumors or any other diseases.


Did you know that #Gynecomastia or “womanish-breast” condition is present in 33–41% of normal men aged 25–45 years and in 55–60% of men over the age of 50 years?! 

Yes! This issue is indeed so severe and widely prevalent in Men across the Globe.

Lack of toned muscles in the chest area is definitely not an attractive feature.  It’s something that affects Men’s confidence adversely, especially when they plan to go swimming or wish to wear tight-fitting clothes or when they see themselves in photos. If you know someone who is facing this issue, do tell them that it’s NOT worrisome medical condition! There are a few things they can do to effectively minimize the occurrence of their chest and improve their body image:


  • Medical Assistance: Visit your Doctor and discuss with him your options. Most likely he will give you some tests to find out the underlying issue (e.g. Irregular hormone levels etc.) and prescribe medication accordingly. He may suggest some dietary restrictions as well. Tip: It is always best to take a medical practitioner’s consultation before beginning a diet or workout plan.


  • Body Toning: There are many videos and articles available on the internet on exercise targeting chest areas (chest shaperworkout). But what you need is the help of a proficient personal trainer to work with you on a customised plan for both Weight and Strength training. Just doing cardio is not enough. You need to build muscles in the area to fetch a toned look. Push-ups, bench presses, sprints, reverse cable-pulls, cable chest flies are some of the most advised toning routines. Tip:  Fixing your posture can also help your situation immensely. So, don’t forget to ask your trainer about dos-&-don’ts for the right posture and right diet.


  • Diet Plan: Once you have a clear understanding of the medical condition, it’s time to make an appointment with a good nutritionist. Instead of going by the diet plans available online, it is best to consult with a nutritionist because they’ll be able to guide you as per your medical reports, exercise regime and lifestyle. This will help you minimise the impact of Gynecomastia faster. Tip: To keep your diet plan on track, it will be beneficial for you to download a good mobile App that records your food & calorie intake.




  • Cosmetic surgery: There are two reasons to opt for this solution. First one is that you might have some loose skin remaining in the chest area AFTER undergoing your weight-loss programme. Surgery can remove that hanging skin. The second reason is that by undergoing a 1-2 hours procedure (liposuction or excision), you can easily correct Gynecomastia. This process entails removing excess fat & glandular tissues through a small incision in the lower half of the nipple area or in the infra mammary fold. Though many have benefited from this procedure - faster results, quicker healing & fewer scars - it surely is an expensive option. Tip: Its best to go for this only if you have tried out losing the chest fat through diet and exercise because you might be simply having a case of Pseudogynecomastia! This condition mimics Gynecomastia but goes away with weight loss.


“According to Dr Y Venkata Ramana, there are advanced techniques like Ultra Sound Assisted Lipoplasty a minimally invasive procedure, wherein a 3-4 mm hole is made away from the breast and fat part removed, while the gland part will be removed through a slightly bigger opening made at the junction of the dark and fair skin of the nipple areola complex. By this approach, surgeon will try to achieve as symmetrical and natural chest as possible and he added Contours has successfully adopted this procedure with great results for many patients.” 


This is where Dermawear’s Zenrik-G Vest comes into force!

You can wear this compression vest daily, frequently, AND without worrying about discomfort. It comes with a front zipper that ensures easy wear-&-remove.

Buy Dermawear’s Gynecomastia Chest Shaper Online



You can wear this powerful gear to supplement your efforts in eliminating / minimizing the appearance of Gynecomastia!







Dermawear Zenrik-G, Men’s shapewear vest, is a shaping vest designed as a solution for Gynecomastia (‘man boobs’). Made of premium fabric, Zenrik-G provides a unique 4D stretch for all-day wear comfort. It provides a visible reduction in chest size right away. For best result start using it at the initial stage. 

Size selection: Measure your chest area using a standard measuring tape and match it with the closest size available. We can also tailor a customized vest for you.  


We, at Dermawear, support our Customers by bringing out a variety of collection of Men’s Body Shapers or compression gears like Tummy Tight (shapewear for tummy). Zenrik Everyday (Men’s Trimmer undershirt for daily wear), Zenrik-G (Gynecomastia Shaper). In fact, we are the first Indian brand ever to manufacture and sell Men’s Shapewear! Browse our collection of Men’s slimming body shaper here.


If you have any questions about our products or Dermawear Zenrik-G Gynecomastia Vest in specific, please don’t hesitate to email us at


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