3 Myths About Shapewear!

Although women have been using Shapewear for a long time, there continue to be several misconceptions about them. For now, let’s talk about the three common myths about this essential multi-faceted garment.


Shapewear Must Be Super Tight To Get All Bulges Into Shape.

If your shapewear is so tight that it is cutting off your circulation, restricting your movements or making it difficult for you to breath, we recommend you go up a size! They are designed to tone and smoothen your body to fetch that beautiful silhouette figure. Most of the quality Shapewear manufacturers have ‘size guides’. Make use of them! Or simply start by buying your regular underwear size.


It’s Only a Party-Wear Buddy.

Looking good is an important part of being confident and don’t we want to look confident all the time? Shapewears are no longer just accessories for special occasions (party dresses or designer sarees). Now, you can wear them beneath your office attire, under your casual jeans or for using up those one-size-too-tight dresses lying idle in your wardrobe. There are many types of Shapewear available, each crafted for a specific use, look and attire. Choose well to look great!


They Hurt to Wear and Take Off!

These days, shapewears are made of innovative multi-way stretch materials that are breathable and comfortable for use. Trying to yank them into place or off your body is clearly not the solution. Those who use shapewears regularly know that the best way to get in and out of them is to gently roll-unroll them!

So, don’t go by hearsay or speculation before trying them out yourself! Checkout Dermawear’s range of body-part solutions to experience a curvy, confident YOU!

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