How To Choose An Effective Face Mask

As the world is gripped with the Covid-19 fear, the importance of hand sanitizers, masks and gloves have gone up massively. At this point, it is clear that the infected people can spread the virus before even showing symptoms for the same. It has therefore been deemed that wearing masks when outside is of utmost importance.

But selecting a mask from the plethora of options available in the market is easier than it sounds, only if certain points are taken into consideration. In this blog we’ll help you buy the best mask for yourself and your family to help you fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Multiple Layers

The most basic and simplest tip- More the layers, better protection it provides. Higher the number of layers present, it would be more difficult for pollutant particles to enter your mask and infect you. So try and shop for masks that have multiple layers present in them, more preferably if it has filtration layers in it.


Once you start stepping outdoors on a more regular basis, you’d probably be wearing masks for long hours. Therefore, you don’t want to be stuck with masks that make you uncomfortable. Since, it’s going to sit compactly against your skin, it is recommended that you go for face masks that are of premium quality.

The Fit

A face mask should sit comfortably against the sides of your face, covering your nose and ears. Now, the mask should be fit snugly, but not too tight which would interfere with your breathing. It should also not be too loose as that would mean you adjusting it all day round. 

Now that you know the key points to be considered, we hope that it would help you in making an informed decision while buying a face mask. 

One of the viable options that can be considered is Dermawear’s DW Protector Masks. Our masks are SITRA approved, designed with premium skin friendly quality fabric that not only keeps the viral particles at bay but also helps you avoid airborne irritants like dust and dangerous microbes.

This protector mask is designed as per the guidelines set by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) that are tried and tested in Ministry of Textiles approved labs. Engineered with enhanced protection coupled with its long lasting elastic property, it tops the list for your favourite choice of protective gear to wear outdoors.

Powered by multiple layers of protection, these masks come with exhalation valves that are designed in such a way to permit minimal inward leakage of contaminants and provide low resistance during exhalation.

With a variety of colour options available, you can select from the simple solid ones to the stylish printed ones to add a sense of fashion to your masks. So what are you waiting for? Grab your mask today!

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