3 Tips To Choose Your First Sports Bra

Congratulations! You are all set to begin your fitness journey, determined and focussed, you are all prepped up for your first day to the gym. Sports shoes- Check, Athleisure leggings- Check, Earphones and upbeat music- Downloaded, Sports Bra- Error!

This is one of the riskiest mistake that can be seen made by women. Why risky? Because the support provided by a regular bra wouldn’t be enough to eradicate the friction caused by your workout sessions. Hence the inclusion of a sports bra is as important as a sports shoe.

Now, shopping for your first sports bra can be surprisingly hard with the plethora of options available ranging from the straps to the tiers of support to the fabric. So what are the things which you should be keeping in mind while shopping for your first sports bra? Well, we did the work for you. Below are some of the major tips you should keep in mind to make your shopping experience a total breeze.

Measure yourself

First things first, for a well-fitted and comfortable sports bra the first thing you need to do is measure yourself. One of the mistakes that women make here is they don’t get fitted as regularly as they should be. Ideally, you should get fitted every 6 months. 

You can either get fitted at a store or do it the old way- by yourself. It is absolutely necessary that the final measurement that you get is accurate. Another thing that you need to keep in mind the band should be snugger as compared to your regular bra. While the major idea of a sports bra is more compression than your regular bra, your comfort should be your priority. A common mistake seen here is women opt for smaller cups than they actually need resulting in chaffing and spillage. 

The Perfect Bra

Once you’re done with measuring yourself the next step would be determining your perfect bra size. Since every woman’s body is different so the requirement would naturally be different

Band Size

While measuring, place the measuring tape around the rib cage, directly under the bust. The measuring tape should be levelled and snug. Note the measurement in inches and round it off to the nearest whole number. This is your underbust size. Now, if the number is even add 4 inches to it, if it’s odd add 5 inches to it.

For e.g. 26.5 inches will round off to 27. Hence – 27+5 = 32 which is your band size.

Bust Size

Place the measuring tape over the fullest part of your bust. Note the measurement in inches and round it off to the nearest whole number. This is your overbust size.

Cup Size

To calculate the cup size, subtract the band size from the bust size.

Example: Bust = 34 inches, Band= 32 inches, Cup Size= 34-32= 2 inches. That’s a 32B!

Cup Sizes:

A- 1 Inch

B- 2 Inches

C- 3 Inches

D- 4 Inches

You can also refer to our Sports Bra Size chart for your reference.


For ideal performance and support another important aspect that you should consider is the support level of the sports bra. Not all sports bras are made for intense workout sessions, some are just made for a peppy Zumba session. Based on the support levels there are two types of Sports Bra:

  1. High Support- These types of Sports bras are ideal for high impact activities like cardio, skipping or aerobics.Sports bras with High support provide optimum support to enhance your performance during such workout sessions.
  2. Medium/Low Support-Sports bras with Medium/Low support are apt for activities such as cycling, moderate hiking, yoga or strength training. These type of bras generally go a bit easy on the compression level and can be worn for longer periods of time.

Selecting a perfect sports bra may be a tedious experience, but once you have, you’d notice considerable difference in your workout session. Not only would your breast tissues would be protected from exertion and damage it would also help you to focus only on your workout and maximise your performance. So what are you waiting for? Check out our range of stylish Sports Bras and workout like a pro.

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