Tips To Style Curvy Women

It is often said the way you dress is a reflection of your personality. But let’s face it, curvy women often have a hard time styling themselves in outfits that complement and accentuate their curves. So they more or less settle for clothes that are either too loose for them or opt for outfits that squeeze the bejesus out of them. They are often confused as to which ensemble would be perfect for them, that’s where we come in. In this blog we’ll give you some styling tips to help you choose outfits that optimise those curves and create the illusion of shapeliness.

The Perfect Bra

First things first, every woman requires a well-fitting bra. It’s often seen that curvy women make the mistake of opting for bras that are too small, creating weird proportions and causing major discomfort. It may also lead to some major health complications as they damage the chest tissues and cause Lymphatic Blockage. The solution to this is pretty simple, get fitted at least once a year and then based on your size, opt for a more comfortable bra to create the perfect silhouette. 


The key to rock any outfit, strike the perfect balance. Now we know how much you like your baggy and comfy bottoms, and there is no reason as to why you can’t look stylish in them. In such cases, you just have to remember to pair them with a more suitable top-wear, something like a stylish crop top to complete the ensemble and create the illusion of a natural waist. You need to work with the proportions here and highlight your best assets. Adding a belt to your ensemble might work wonders, as they help you create that hourglass figure and contribute in showing those exquisite curves. 


It’s universal, every woman needs a bit of cinching, smoothing and support to look at their marvellous best. An ideal Shapewear does all this and more. It compresses all your weak muscles, paunches and the love handles to give you a more polished and refined look. Not only does it make you look ravishing on your special occasions, including them in your daily-wear has some major benefits as well. They help give you a more erect and a better posture as well as have a more confident demeanour. 

Size does not matter

The most common mistake that curvy women are seen to be making is that they are more fixated on the size or the label rather than the fitting of the particular outfit. It is recommended that instead of considering the size of the outfit, it would be much more beneficial if you give priority to the fitting. Even if it means that you’d have to one size up or down to find that perfect dress. 

The most important tip that you must consider is, feel beautiful and confident in whatever you choose to wear. Your curves are your asset, flaunt them. In the end, what matters is your comfort, a small cinch or even a small hem can work wonders for an overall fit. So choose your favourite ensemble and make all the heads turn for all the right reasons.

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