Tips To Style Your Active Pants

Ladies, let’s take a poll. Which is your most favourite lower wear? The unanimous answer can be easily predicted. What better than the easy-going, super comfortable and the ever trendy, Leggings! Did you know in the 14th Century, leggings were originally created for men and came in two separate pieces? Strange right? Well what isn’t strange is that their popularity hasn’t even gone down a little bit till date.

Leggings have forever been in the style game because of their simple yet fashionable looks. What also works, that it can be almost be paired with anything, from loose tees to sports bras, from shirts to hoodies, it practically just goes on with anything and everything. So, keeping in mind your love for leggings, in this blog we’re going to give you a few Tips on how you can style your favourite pair of Active Pants to look more stylish and chic effortlessly. 

White T-shirt and a Denim Jacket

You can’t really go wrong here. If you’re someone who doesn’t like to experiment much, then you can opt for this, classic, always in style Outfit. Pair your black or any dark colour legging with a white T-shirt and top it off with a stylish Denim Jacket. Add a pair of nice ankle length boots to it, and Voila! You’re ready with your street look

Opt for Solids

If you’re someone who is trying to experiment a bit, and chose the printed leggings, opt for a solid to pair it with. It would give a perfect balanced look to your ensemble. If you’re looking to pair it with graphic t-shirts it’s more advisable to settle for a simpler pattern for the Active pants. But hey, if you’re confident enough you can pull it off, go for it!

Sports Bra

If you’re looking something for working out, we’d recommend to club it with a nice comfortable Sports Bra. Pair it with plain leggings or opt for the printed ones. You can also opt for sweatshirts to go with Printed Active pants for an “I mean business” look. Enjoy our moisture wicking and flexible range of Active Pants for a far more comfortable and stylish workout.

Party wear

Be the life of the party by clubbing printed leggings with a crop top or a short dress. If you’re cool to flaunt it, with the ideal legging and a crop top, you have a great opportunity to flaunt your silhouette. You can also make a fashion statement with a black top paired with some floral leggings. You can also pair a light t-shirt with a black cardigan and a high knee leather boots for a trendy look.


Want to opt for a more casual yet stylish look? Club a pair of Stylish leggings, with a comfy hoodie and complete the look with casual sneakers and a beanie. You can select a lighter coloured hoodie and pair it with a darker more subtle printed pants or you can choose a darker hoodie and club it with plain leggings. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you can just Mix and Match!

One thing we can conclude is no matter whether it’s printed or plain, leggings are our most favoured choice. Be it whether we are working out, whether we’re going for a party or whether we’re just chillin, we always prefer to be in our snugly, body-hugging and stylish pair of Active wear. Considering your love for leggings, we’ve designed our special range of Active Wear Leggings for the stylish you. Select from our versatile collection of Plain or Printed Leggings, and choose your perfect partner for daily-wear styling.

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