4 Types Of Shapewear For Your Bridal Outfits

Nothing ruins your big day more than an ill fitted bridal outfit. You’ve spent weeks or even months planning, dieting and exercising to get in to your dream outfit, but a few love handles here and there could ruin your entire outfit.

That’s where including a slimming shapewear to your ensemble would work wonders for you as it would not only trim you down but also provide comfort and support to help you get through the day. 

In fact, it was seen that not many of the brides opt for body shapers to feel slimmer, although no one is complaining about that added advantage. The major reason found was that most of the wedding outfits are generally known to be made from not-so-forgiving fabrics, so it makes sense to go for that additional support. 

In this blog, we’ll let you know about the 4 best types of shapewear you can consider for a gorgeous bridal look.

Tummy Tucker

Planning for your big day can get a bit hectic and understandably hitting the gym could not be amongst your top priorities. However, wishing for a flat and toned tummy has been made much simpler with the help of a tummy reducer.

Not only does it contour your love handles and bulges, but it also supports your weak abdominal muscles and helps you gain strength and improve muscle tone. 

Hips and Thighs Shaper

This is a more favoured option of shapewear for wedding outfits as it is a solution for the most common and probably two most problematic areas of our body- Hips and Thighs. This hips and thighs shaper for women creates an illusion of a toned tummy as well as slimmer thighs.

This women shapewear is ideal for women who are going for outfits that cling on to their body helping them flaunt those gorgeous curves.

Saree Shapewear

Women have been dealing with those traditional bulky petticoats for far too long, ruining their favourite ethnic wear like sarees and lehengas, but not for much longer. The saree shapewear for women has been a blessing for all those women who like to keep it traditional for their big day.

Not only does this body shaper works exactly like a petticoat but it goes one step ahead and provides all the functionalities of a shapewear too. The mermaid fit helps you look ravishing while donning the ethnic look.

Full Body Suits

Ideal for the most popular wedding outfits like a floor-length gown or Anarkali Kurtas, these body shapers for women give an overall compression to your body, from your torso to your thighs, it contours your entire body giving it a perfect shape. 

The major advantage of this bodysuit for floor length gowns is that it provides you a mild compression for all your body giving you an hourglass figure making you look ravishing. 

We hope that all you brides-to-be are helped with this article to buy an appropriate shapewear for your wedding dress. Still confused? We’re there for you. You can just drop an email at customercare@dermawear.co.in and we’ll help you figure out your ideal shapewear.

Here’s wishing you a glamourous and a dreamy wedding that you wished for!!!

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