What Is The Best Shapewear For A Big Tummy?


When we think of it, tummy fat might be the most common body concern for both Men & Women. Disproportional waist region doesn’t allow us to wear the kind of clothes we wish to wear like slim-fit shirts, single coloured A-line dresses, lehengas, halter tops etc. More importantly, a bulging tummy is evident to all, to see (and judge). And that can really mar the confidence quotient of a person.

For all these reasons, shapewear for tummy and waist are one of the most searched / purchased compression inner wear across the globe! So, if you are battling against uneven waist, pot-belly or love handle, then you have reached the right place! Dermawear’s range of tummy control shapewear can rescue you from your problem in a jiffy!

To make your decision easier we are listing our best tummy tucker products that can give you medium-to-extreme tummy control. Products that might just change the way you buy clothes!

Shapewear for Women

There are even more varieties of tummy control shapewear for Women than there are for Men. Some of Dermawear’s classic shapewear for waist are listed below:

1. Waist trimmers / waist clinchers


These are the absolute must-have range of best tummy tuckers that give full abdomen coverage. Cette falls under our Premium range that has softer thinner fabric having medium or 2X compression. If you’re looking for an extreme tummy control shapewear product, then it’s better to go with Tummy Reducer as it provides 3X compression at the waist but should not be worn for over 5-6 hours at a stretch. Unigrip is more apt for post-cesarean recovery.

2. Tummy + Hip Coverage

Dermawear’s Mini Shaper is one of the best selling products simply because it tackles areas from tummy to upper thighs efficiently! On the other hand, our Mini Corset is popular amongst our Customers for its smooth-tummy to-hips coverage. Both products provide intense tummy control (3XC) and go wonderfully with dresses, pants and skirts. What better reasons do we need to try them out?! 

3. Other Products

These Dermawear products can work amazingly for your tummy shaping needs. Slim & Trim High Waist, Cami Corset and Hip Corset give 3X compression at the waist.

You can also try out some Premium products with thinner and softer fabric (2XC) like Musque waist shaper, Ambre upper body shaper, Citron waist shaper.

Shapewear for Men

Tummy Tight and V-Shaper are two products that focus on the stubborn abdomen area of Men’s physique and give an evenly toned look! These products are very much in demand for their all-day-wear benefit and comfortable fit. Don’t forget to check out our other abdomen-supportive undershirts like Zenrik and Zenrik Everyday as well!
Hope you found this blog informative and it got you excited to try out our impressive range of tummy control shapewear products. 
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