What Is The Ideal Body Measurements For A Woman?

36” - 24” - 36”

It is a thing of the past to have this as an ‘ideal’ body measurement for Women. Today’s evolved and non-judgemental era acknowledges that all Women’s (and Men’s) bodies are uniquely made, with different measurements, colour and characteristics. It is unrealistic to expect Women to hold up to such extreme ‘ideal body’ expectations.  And this thought is at the centre stage in Dermawear’s design unit. Our products are designed keeping in mind that no one size fits all. We are the first in the market to offer an online platform when Customers can customize products to fit their specific measurements! Isn’t that wonderful? And such an ‘Indian’ thought – a seamless acceptance of diversity that exists in human body frames.

Typically, the fashion industry categorises body shapes into following five kinds, and it is considered perfectly normal to have any one of these figures (or even a combination of two).

Although there is no true benchmark for body measurement for Women, we sure have Sizing Charts for our products to help you select the closest garment-sizes for comfortable fitting.
More than ideal, the emphasis should be on being healthy. There are three ways you can check if your body is ‘fit’:
1. Waist size – Just take a regular inch tape available at home and measure your waist area (above the hipbone and below the rib cage). The ideal waist size for Women is considered to be between 32.5-35 inches.
2. BMI (Body Mass Index) – This is calculated by diving your body mass by your height. A healthy BMI ranges from 18.5 to 24.9.
3. WHR (Waist-Hip Ratio) value is calculated by dividing waist size by hip size. 42-48% is normally considered as a ‘healthy’ ratio. It is tricky to calculate hips measurement for Women but here is the thumb rule. Just stand in front of a mirror and use the inch tape around hips, right from the most protruding part of your hips to the front.
We don’t include bust measurement for Women in any of the methods because most of the excess ‘stress-triggered’ fat gets stored in the tummy and/or hips. Hence, those areas are better indicators of overall health.
There are many mobile app and website available online to help you with instant calculations. Please note that these metrics are not rigid indicators of a healthy body. Some people with large waist measurements can be quite healthy and someone with an ideal BMI ratio could have an under-nourished body. These are to be taken as checkpoints rather than rules.
We, at Dermawear, strongly advise never to compare your body figure with those of models or screen personalities. These comparisons lead to unhealthy expectations and body resentment issues. Instead, invest in a healthy lifestyle and cool activewear gears like exercise Leggings, Sports Bras or Track Pants
While Dermawear’s Shapewear range continues to help Customers look their best, our team have been focused on developing products that help bring your ‘fit body’ dream a bit closer to reality. So, let’s forget about the ideal measurement for Women and focus on the RIGHT measurement for both Women & Men!

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