Why Should You Buy A Saree Shapewear

Sarees are the most renowned and traditional attires for Indian women. For any formal events, traditional events, family occasions, etc. sarees are usually the first choices for women in India. The saree shapewear is designed to keep the saree in place. Apart from a perfect fit, they add glamour to your overall look. You will be pleased to perceive how your curves accentuate.

Firstly, let’s get familiar with saree shapewear. The later section discusses the reason to buy same:

What is Saree Shapewear?

They are skirts with figure-hugging characteristics to provide a curvaceous figure under your saree. Generally, they are crafted from spandex-type fabric. The contemporary saree shapewear precisely hugs your body in the correct areas. Moreover, they shape your hips, thighs, and waist. If you want to let your back appear circular and sculpted, wearing a saree shapewear is the best idea.

Why buy saree shapewear?


Saree shapewear are available in a wide range of colours to cater to every women’s personal style. Due to this reason, they can be worn under a saree of any colour eliminating any chances of wardrobe malfunction. Being versatile, they can be worn under sarees of any type. Whether you want to wear a bandhani saree or Banarasi saree, you can get the relevant shapewear.

Proper body shaping:

Wearing a saree shapewear elevates your confidence by perfectly embracing the saree in place. Basically, it puts away every pleat and tucks you create while wearing a saree. As a result, it presents a sleek and flattering look.

The design is based on the targeted compression to contour your back, hips, thighs, and waist. So, your entire body appears curvaceous and toned. You will therefore attain a sculpted figure easily.

Maximum comfort and flexibility:

With the inclusion of an elastic waistband in most saree shapewear, you need not worry about flexibility. It keeps the saree in place and also eliminates the odds of irritation to the skin. For those women who like to wear heavy sarees, there is certain saree shapewear with removable drawstrings. Such drawstrings are sturdy enough to effortlessly hold the weight of your saree.

Since the waistband is soft and seamless, there will be no pesky feeling to the skin. No worries about rashes, unlike the petticoats.

Freedom of movement:

Some women deter for wearing a saree shapewear considering that it will hamper their body movements. This is not true. With the side sit, the body movements will be always flexible. With the stretchable fabric, you can freely move your body.  All your curves are held up in the right places.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit our wide range of saree shapewear for women and choose your favourite colour from our selection. The mermaid fit coupled with sturdy drawstrings ensure that you can wear your desired saree without any hassles. Hover over to our assortment and choose your desired saree shapewear today!


  • Thanks for this amazing guide i think people should buy shape wear sarees bcz it makes your size perfect and amazing.

  • First of all, I agree that saree looks flattering on certain body shapes. Kanchipuram silk sarees are a bit thick and buffy when draped so shapewear can actually make it look good on you if you are too body conscious


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