Why Buy Shapewear For Wedding?

Congratulations. You've made it!

The search is over - you have found THE dress that perfectly fits both your vision of your big day and your body type. That's all there is to it, right?

Movies and TV series would have you believe that bridal fashion begins and ends with the perfect wedding dress. However important your wedding dress is, that's just simply not all. Women are also increasingly relying on shapewear for a wedding. Why? Simply because it makes them feel supported, postured, contoured, and ‘picture perfect’ in their dream dress. This is the reason Bridal Shapewear range is much in demand these days. These compression garments can not only make you look slim & graceful but can also contribute immensely to your confidence.


Many wedding dresses, especially those made of a not-so-forgiving fabric, require an undergarment to prevent dimpling and creasing. For this reason too, one must consider opting for an additional ‘gentle’ layer of shapewear for their big day. Before we delve into some of the important things you must keep in mind while investing in shapewear garments, we would like to emphasis on the fact that you should always decide on a shapewear based on the type of your wedding dress - lehenga, saree, gown or Anarkali.

Your wedding dress will require something underneath to take your look to perfection. Something that would be discreet and agility-friendly.

For Lehengas: If you have decided to wear a lehenga on your special day, it is better to look for a low waist tummy tucker, hip tucker or a combination of the two. Since lehengas have short blouses, your waist & back areas would be exposed. So, wearing a lower-abdomen + hips shapewear like Dermawear’s SS Low Waist can help you get a smooth lower body without hinting on the use of compression garment. This kind of combination shapewear also helps in streamlining the excessive fat from lower-abdomen to thighs.


For Sarees: The best you can do while wearing sarees is to select a set of two shapewear products - low waist tummy tucker like Dermawear’s SS Low Waist and a bust shaping product like Dermawear’s Frolic. You can get a graceful silhouette using these discreet undergarments!

For Gowns: Here again, the right shapewear depends on the type of your wedding gown. For traditional lined wedding dresses, go for body shapers that give strong compression around the waist. Strapless wedding dresses go best with strapless body shapers or abdomen shapers like Dermawear’s Cette or Mini Corset. Or you can opt for contouring only your lower body using high-waisted shapewear like Dermawear’s Hip Corset +. For knee length dresses, shapewear shorts like Mini Shaper are a perfect match.

Selection of shapewear garments also depends on the two crucial things:

1. The texture of your wedding attire. Some fabrics used in wedding clothes, like textured ones and heavier silks, are more supportive and forgiving than the others. In such cases, any Dermawear product will go fabulously with your garb. Just be sure to select the right compression level body shaper and size. But lighter materials, like lighter silks and georgettes, need light seam-less shapers like Dermawear’s Premium Shaper to make your figure look smoothly curved!

2. Comfort levels of the Body Shaper. There is nothing worse than spending your big day being uncomfortable from within. Buy the right type and size of shapewear. Try it out well before your wedding day to be entirely sure about the comfort level and to avoid any unwanted feelings on your special day. And speaking of comfort, if you want to get that perfect bridal shapewear for your wedding, you can try out any shapewear garments from the Dermawear’s stable and even go for multi-level Customization (‘CUSTOMIZE’ option is given in most products’ pages). We also offer various types of shapewear with different compression levels, expertly designed according to our import-quality fabric that’s non-allergic, stretchable (unique 4D stretch material), and breathable.

So, by buying Dermawear’s skin-friendly quality products, you can ensure maximum comfort and mobility at the same time!

Weddings involve lots of costume changes and Dermawear’s body shapers are very easy to get in-&-out of and are made for long-duration wear. You can read more about Bridal Shapewear here.

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