Women’s Leggings: The Best Blend Of Comfort And Style

The fashion world has been taken by a storm with Active Leggings (AS-7001) that have effortlessly replaced jeans and trousers and added a whole new dimension of comfort to good looks. Leggings for women aren’t just a comfort statement but a style staple that have quickly taken over wardrobes.

If you look at the ramp, the Page 3 parties or casual celeb moments, you will spot various styles of women’s leggings that will leave you craving for similar stuff in your collection. The best part about wearing a cool pair of women’s leggings is the fact that they are amazingly versatile and compliment any outfit in the most comfortable way possible. Many drool-worthy sleek & snug looks are possible with leggings that give shape and definition to your legs.

Why this trend is there to stay?! 

The thick and rough texture of jeans has been given an amazing makeover with leggings and jeggings for women that come in numerous variants such as printed leggings, leather leggings etc. Right from the gym to office, you can flaunt leggings anywhere and everywhere, and come out as an effortless Diva!

Creating your own signature style statements with leggings is so easy now!

Pair your cotton leggings with kurtas or the lycra leggings with tops for trendy outfit combinations. You can also opt for short leggings and ankle leggings for the gym or to make for cool choices of casual apparel.

You can ace all looks to the point with these versatile fashion choices that aren’t just lovely and comfortable but pretty functional too. It is remarkable how one can beat the chill in style with winter leggings or layer them below shorts and skirts for a straight-off-the-ramp look.

Our Camouflage Design Series come in fun colors and army prints that give an attractive quality to your attire. We have three more design series in our collection to give you a wide variety of colorful patterns to choose from – Abstract, Nature and Illusion.

A premium appeal is guaranteed with leather leggings that you can team up with a leather jacket and heeled boots or a neon coloured top and head to a party.

Another trend that is rocking the fashion charts is that of mesh leggings (like Dermawear AS-7001) or fishnet leggings that accentuates your gorgeous skin through stripes of sheer. The sheer not only gives a hot look to your legs but also works better for breathability. These are perfect to be paired with sporty vests or snug fit top wear for a chic appeal.

You absolutely love a good game of tennis or to indulge in a quick run now or then? You find your ‘inner calm’ with Yoga or Pilates?

Then, Activewear Leggings can be the best gear for you. It’ll make you look super cool and feel refreshingly comfortable.


You can shape your waist effortlessly with leggings

Dermawear’s Bodyshaping Active Pants With Side Pockets (AS-701) offers superb shaping to your waist and a snug fit to your limbs. Indian elegance to western sass, everything is possible with these black leggings that come in sizes from S to 3XL.

The must-have choice of your fitness wardrobe

– Try ‘em out!

Dermawear Activewear Leggings are also a perfect choice for everyday style as well as workout sessions.

While Dermawear offers the fabulous Striped Leggings (AS-7001) in easy mix-&-match colors of cool Blue, subtle Grey and intense Black, the High-Waisted Stretch Leggings(LP-801) is available in Dark Grey & Light Grey shades - just perfect for gym goers!

Their sweat-resistant, breathable fabric lets you go about your rigorous fitness regime with ease. The high-rise, wide waistband helps contouring the abdomen area and reduce muscle vibration or fatigue during workout sessions.

It is most likely that you have already got onto the Leggings bandwagon. If yes, take the plunge and try the Dermawear’s Activewear Leggings today and if not, you are certainly missing out on all the style and comfort! Go get a pair today and watch Leggings become your second skin!

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