4 Answers About Shapewear You Might Want To Know

Shapewear is a miracle garment for most women. Just one right-sized body shaper can work wonders for your body in no time. In this blog, we are going to address some of the common questions and reveal lesser-known facts about Men’s & Women’s Shapewear!

First of all, it is important to understand that all of us are created differently some are well-toned while others face issues of extra bulges at various body areas. Many considerations come to mind before purchasing body shapewear. Here are a few things about Dermawear Shapewear products often asked by our Customers:

Compression garments = tight-fitting body shapers only? 
It is believed that the compression feature is inbuilt only for shapewear like tummy shapers, shaping corsets, bodysuits, and hip shapers. But that is not true. Dermawear Shapewear range comes in a variety of compression levels - Standard (SC), twice (2XC) and thrice (3XC) the regular compression. The level of compression given completely depends on the shaping garment’s tailoring requirement and focus areas. For example, Mini Shaper has 3X compression at the abdomen area only 1XC at the hips & thighs.
You’ll find mobility-friendly compression in our other daily wear products as well like Dermawear’s Women’s Leggings & Capris, Men’s Zenrik Everyday Vests, Shape-X Denim Jeans & Pants, Sports Bras, and other Fashion Garments.
Should Body shaper be worn from the top and removed using pulling-off action?
All our Dermawear shapewear products are designed to be worn from the feet-up. You don’t have to wear it from the head and then struggle getting it down your shoulders. Also, always roll-up or roll-down your shaping garments for comfortable wear-&-remove action. Pulling on your shaping garment will stretch your skin and poke into your muscles, giving an uncomfortable and bruised fitting. 
Shapewear requires a high level of maintenance?
Dermawear shaping products are heavy-duty products that can be cleaned through a regular hand wash, shade-dried on flat surface. They don’t have to be dry cleaned, bleached, wring or ironed. Our tailoring and fabric quality is impeccable. The only thing you should keep in mind is that shapewear must never be washed in hot water as the high temperature can damage your garment’s control factor. Heat may even break down the inherent elasticity of the fabric. So, simply use normal temperature water for washing and then air dry to increase shapewear’s longevity.
Is having just one shapewear in the Wardrobe enough?
There is a wide variety of body shapers available in the market suitable to be worn under specific types of attires. Be it a traditional wedding dress or western evening gown you can opt for shapewear for sarees or dresses, shapewear bras, or target-area focused shapers according to your dress style. These are ‘invisible’ and often seamless innerwear garments and go perfectly with different types of dress. Most stylists recommend having 4-5 kinds of body shaping products in a wardrobe of different utilities and colours.
Select from a variety of Dermawear Mens’ & Womens’ Shapewear range:
Never believe in any speculation or fake information about shapewear. Always research and look for shapewear reviews before getting to any conclusion. OR simply try Dermawear’s shapewear products without any hesitation and experience the glorious curvy side of you!

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