Benefits Of Using Shapewear

Looking gorgeous on occasions is certainly important for every woman, especially when so much effort goes into choosing the ‘perfect’ dress and makeup! The effect of wearing a shapewear underneath the attire can help enhance the impact you want to achieve with your look. For example, the right body shaper (chosen for specific area and purpose) can make you look fit, voluptuous, or graceful. This is why many women today include a variety of shapewear essentials in their wardrobe!             

Not just women, this trend is picking up with Men as well. With great products like Dermawear’s V-Shaper, Tummy Tight and Zendrik Everyday Vest flooding the market, there are definitely many options available for Men these days!


We all know that body shapers help us to achieve a slimmer and less flabby look in any attire. But a nagging doubt often seeps into the minds of first-time shapewear shopper before making a purchase– “Do these products actually work?”

Have you ever asked this question? Well, luckily for you, in this blog we are attempting to dispel any doubts you may have in this area.

Here are some benefits of layering your attire with shapewear:

1. Get slimmer or smoother framequickly - Shapewear definitely is an instant solution for people who have a flabby body and are trying to fit into their old or often unused clothes. It is also a fab asset to have for enhancing the effect of your attire. In a body shaper, you may actually look more graceful, leaner and fitter! 

2. The secret solutionfor body contouring – Many products like Dermawear’s Premium Range are designed to have an ‘invisible seam’ effect. These body shapers can be worn under any kind of clothes without any hinting their use.Try out shapewear bras or body shapers for sarees and flaunt your ‘ natural looking’ curves with elan!


3. Enhances confidence–Compression garments can not only help you in look shapely but also boost your inner confidence. They surely come in handy when you wish to cover-up your ‘temporary’ weak spots or bulges, while you are trying hard to tone up those target areas in the gym. The extra compliments that your ‘lean-looking’ figure fetches you can go a long way in encouraging you towards your fitness goals!

Men and women can aid their #fitbody goals, by using tummy tucker shapewear as a stopgap solution for reducing their waistline, instantly!

4. Aids inch loss – Regularly wearing quality shaping products can, infact, help you lose upto 2-3 sizes! E.g. Dermawear’s shapewear garments use natural body movements to micro-massage the skin & fat cells. This action, when repeated over time, stimulates micro-circulation & removal of extraneous material & fat. This kind of external pressure also improves the lymphatic & venous circulation, supporting intensive muscle toning. Do read about how to How to choose the right shapewear to learn more.


5. Improves posture–Medium to high control body shapewear products can help you improve your stance and posture while walking or sitting. This is especially a boon for those who sit for extended periods of time at one place or slouch while standing. You can definitely get your swag back by training yourself to stand straight in the correct posture. Just ensure you use the right sized shapewear for this purpose.

6. Reduces pain - Women shapewear provides support that assists in alleviating pain particularly in the lower backand the lumbar regions. A sturdy shapewear like Dermawear’s Tummy Tight or Tummy Reducer, with regular use, can also help restore the muscles in the abdominal area. You can also try out our Utility Products for additional compressive support!

Check out some of the amazing shapewear benefits of choosing Dermawear products:



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