How Do I Measure My Waist For Shapewear?

While purchasing shapewear, it is common to have doubts about selecting an appropriate size. For a wrong size can cause much discomfort to the wearer and dissuade them from using body shapers again. The image of a confining tummy control shapewear can be a huge deterrent to anyone. But the truth is far from that! Modern shaping garments like Dermawear’s are expertly crafted to fit the body comfortably and do its job efficiently without strain. During a shapewear selection process, the waist measurement is the most crucial for both Men & Women. You must know your correct waist size to buy the right sized waist clincher, corset or abdomen shaper.  

The big question still remains. How to select the shapewear size suitable for your waist measurement?

In this blog, we will share the best way to measure your waist while choosing a shaping garment. Firstly, it is important to clarify that Dermawear shaping products have a single method prescribed to measure waist of Men or to measure waist of Women. You can simply use a regular inch tape to determine your waist size and then match it against the size mentioned in the Size Guide available on the individual product page. 

If you have purchased Dermawear Long Pants in the past you would know how to measure waist for pants or how to measure waist for jeans. The technique is the same. Simply measure your waist from the naval area with a standard measuring tape and buy a product closest to your waist size. But please be careful to check the size specifications prescribed for every product you buy. Most products’ Size Chart might have the same measuring parameters like Tummy Reducer, activewear Leggings, premium range Cette, fashion wear ShapeX Denims or Men’s Zenrik Everyday. But still, it is always best to check for any difference in the measuring instructions before making a purchase.

Do keep in mind to NEVER consider your regular jeans, pants, or undergarment’s size for selecting a Dermawear product, as every brand has a different sizing specification and you might end up buying too tight or too loose product. One’s L (large) can be another’s XL. So, always depend on Dermawear’s Sizing Chart only.



We hope you know Dermawear offers Customization options to our valuable Customers. Yes! In case you find that the sizes (and corresponding Size Charts) do not cover your waist measurements, you can click on “CUSTOMIZATION” link given in the Menu navigation, and simply input your waist measurements to get a customized product delivered to your home. Now, shopping can’t be any more convenient, right?!

For both Men and Women body shaping garments, every product page has clear instructions on how to select the ‘right’ size. If you are planning to shop offline at one of the 5000+ stores where Dermawear products are available, the shopkeeper should be having a specialized branded inch tape. You can ask for that to make your purchase fast and precise. It can’t get easier than that! Still, if you have concerns about how to select a specific Dermawear product, don’t hesitate to email your queries to, and our expert team will get back to your shortly.

Go on….browse through our product line and buy waist shaping products with sizes that’ll just work well for your body!

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