Is Wearing Shapewear Harmful For The Health?

Many women swear by shapewear garments in their wardrobes. Body shapers, especially plus size shapers, are like heavenly gifts for extra curvy women. It's not just about women. Even Men’s shapewear has started circulating the market. After all, everyone deserves to look and feel competent and confident in their skin!

And Dermawear Shapewear is one of the very first brands to introduce shapewear for both men and women, in fact, it is one of the leading brands in shapewear for women.


Women’s shapewear has gained quite the recognition today, with A-list celebrities even admitting and endorsing their benefits. But, it is important to keep in mind that while you try out this awesome garment, you don't have to opt for something that’ll change your body shape drastically or make you feel uncomfortable.

To begin with, you can go for a combination-shaper like Dermawear’s Hip Corset or Slim & Trim High Waist and successfully target different areas like butt, thighs, abdomen, etc. with variable compression levels. But above all, whatever you select must fit you right and should be comfortable to wear.

You can read all about how to buy the RIGHT shapewear for yourself here -

How To Choose The Right Shapewear?


Below mentioned are some of the biggest ‘Don’ts’ that you must follow while buying full body shapewear and what it takes to avoid any ill effects of wearing the wrong size or the wrong type of shapewear:

Never wear a compression garment that is too tight.

If the shapewear you are wearing is too tight, that can create many issues for you - from mild stiffness to breathing problems. This is why Dermawear has a special Size Chart Guide to help Customers easily identify the Right size of product they need! It is best never to compare the sizes of different brands and to follow the measurement guidelines specified by individual shapewear brands. If in doubt, always go for your current size of undergarments and then monitor how you feel. On the second purchase, you may consider a smaller size ONLY if that provides good mobility, airy fabric support, and comfortable feel.

Not all body shapers are meant for long-duration wear.

There are a variety of Shapewear products available in the market. All having different utility, and compression levels. So, it is important to keep in mind what you wish to achieve by wearing a body shaper and the length of wear you are hoping to achieve in it. For example, if you wear a 3XC (thrice the standard compression) shapewear, you may begin to feel some numbness and tingling sensations after a while, especially if you plan to wear it for dining, dancing, or ‘active’ experiences. The Size Chart might show you the correct size but you may think it won’t contour you enough. Never make the mistake of wearing a smaller size. Great contouring or smoothing finish can be accomplished by donning the right size and NOT higher or lower one. It is not just the size, you must always look at the compression aspect of shapewear as well. Often shaping products give specific compression at different body parts, ranging from SC (Standard Compression) to 2XC and 3XC. For example, Dermawear’s Hip Corset gives 3X compression at the waist but a standard compression at hips.

So, it’s not that all shapewear pieces are only meant for short duration wear! In fact, there are many agility-friendly Activewear shapers that you can wear longer hours AND can use them as fitness gears.


Don't select high-compression garment for regular wear.

If you wear shapewear to work or are needed to wear such garments regularly, make sure the compression of such garments is not too high. For regular wear, make sure your shapewear is comfortable. If you are afraid to go to the bathroom because your body shaper is too tight to wear-&-remove, then that's surely a red flag!

Some products from the Dermawear stable like the Zenrik Everyday are mean for daily wear product for men!

During pregnancy, wear maternity shapewear or regular shapewear ONLY after proper consultation.

If you're pregnant, you must consult your doctor about wearing different maternity shapewear. Usually, doctors say it's okay to wear them if you are entirely comfortable in them and choose the right size and material. Some products like Dermawear’s Unigrip could help you with post-pregnancy or caesarean recovery support. You can try and use different shapewear products to support your back, improve your posture, or for pain relief purposes as well!

The bottom line is that as long as you are entirely comfortable in your shapewear and know how to use it properly, it is a great wardrobe asset, something that’ll support and not harm your body!

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